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circular economy . As a young company , Gekko ’ s willingness to partner with us to seek out new opportunities validates the work we have done in the past three years .”
EnviroGold Global plans to deploy proprietary modular , scalable reclamation technology and systems able to process up to 1,000 t / d of reclaimed tailings to remediate the legacy tailings at the Buchans River Delta Reclamation project
the world ’ s increasing demand for precious , critical and strategic metals by eliminating the
most carbon and energy intensive phases of metal production , creating a win-win for corporate , community and environmental stakeholders .”
Cyanide- and acid-free gold processing
Gekko Systems and Clean Earth Technologies ( CET ) recently executed a Memorandum of Understanding ( MoU ) that could see both parties pool resources to provide gold processing solutions that leverage CET ’ s cyanide- and acidfree technologies and reagents and Gekko ’ s Inline Leach Reactor ( ILR ) and associated modular mineral processing equipment .
The MoU entails the companies entering into a working relationship in the interests of identifying and pursuing appropriate project opportunities combining these technologies .
Gekko calls itself a world technical leader in processing and low-energy mining solutions . Founded in Australia in 1996 , it has offices in
Johannesburg , Vancouver , Ballarat and Perth to service mining companies globally .
Gekko has expertise in the design , engineering , selection , development , manufacturing , assembly and deployment of modular mineral processing equipment for the processing of mineral ores in gravity separation , leaching and comminution in mining operations .
CET was founded in Singapore in 2019 and has developed a Clean Mining solution which focuses on eliminating the use of cyanide , mercury and other toxic practices in the gold recovery process .
The statement said that its solution “ naturally complements Gekko ’ s innovative solutions and strategy ”.
Gekko ’ s CEO , Andrew Edmondston , said : “ I am looking forward to collaborating with Clean Earth Technologies . Their new reagents , in combination with Gekko ’ s world leading ILR technologies , allows for mineral processing to become more environmentally friendly , while still achieving high recovery .”
CET ’ s Founder and CEO , Kevin Fell , echoed those sentiments , saying : “ As a world leader in innovative mining solutions , Gekko ’ s mission to transform the mining industry and the environment aligns with our passion to come up with innovative technology that supports a clean ,
Cyanide management services
BQE Water ’ s recently signed agreements with Randy Agius to transfer all intellectual property residing in his business to BQE Water will see the two parties jointly grow holistic cyanide management services globally at the Vancouverbased company .
Under the agreement , Agius will work exclusively with BQE ’ s technical and business development teams , train and help mentor staff and ensure his legacy in providing technical excellence in cyanide destruction continues , BQE says .
Agius has over 40 years of experience in the mining industry and was one of the pioneers in the development and commercialisation of the SO 2 / Air cyanide destruction technology while working for INCO ( now part of Vale ) between 1972 and 2003 , BQE says .
“ Randy has become recognised as the global knowledge leader and ‘ go-to specialist ’ for cyanide destruction and has been responsible for the testing , design , commissioning and operation of over 65 large scale cyanide destruction systems ,” the company said .
The SO 2 / Air cyanide destruction process currently represents the most common method for removing residual cyanide from gold process tailings worldwide , according to BQE .
Since the technology was first applied in the mid-1980s , the environmental standards applied to discharges from cyanide destruction plants have been tightened significantly . At the same time , commercially exploited gold deposits have become more complex , often challenged by the presence of cyanide-soluble base metals and / or iron sulphide minerals . This not only increases the demand placed on cyanide destruction plants , but also creates the need for cyanide recovery and recycling .
“ While Randy developed valuable know-how in
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