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17 - 2022 - Champ Show Special Edition www . wsca . org

2022 WSCA Championship Horse Show Golf Cart & Side-by-Side Rules

No Exceptions !
1 . Reminder : No bikes allowed . This was decided by the Champ Show Committee and WSCA Board of Directors at the October 2018 General Meeting . The increased number of bikes and the behavior while using them has become increasingly dangerous and discourteous to competitors and their horses .
2 . All golf carts and side-by-side permits need to be purchased online at champshow . org at a price of $ 25 { You will find Golf Cart / Side-by-Side Permits in the purchases tab }. Late registration ( after September 2 or at the show ) will be $ 75 . If the fee is not paid , you will be told to take your golf cart or side-by-side home , no exceptions . Your golf cart / side-by-side permit will be available to you at check-in at the show office .
3 . Golf carts and side-by-sides are allowed with a permit . Absolutely no 4-wheelers , dirt bikes , mini bikes , Segway ’ s , hover boards , bikes , skooters , skate boards , lawn mowers , or other things of that nature allowed .
4 . All golf carts and side-by-sides will need at least one working headlight , operational taillights or at least red reflectors on the backside and a visible registration sticker .
5 . Upon registration you must provide a valid driver ’ s license number for the person who will be primarily operating your golf cart or side-by-side , etc . and proof of liability insurance .
6 . No one under the age of 16 is allowed to operate any golf cart or side-by-side . Board members or champ show staff reserve the right to ask for identification and or driver ’ s license of anyone operating a golf cart or side-by-side , etc .
7 . Owners are responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by golf cart or sideby-side . 8 . Anyone operating a golf cart or side-by-side must carry a valid driver ’ s license while driving . 9 . All golf carts or side-by-sides must be operated in a safe and responsible manner . No reckless operation of golf cart or side-by-side , etc . Operators must observe safe driving practices . 10 . Avoid excessive speed and unsafe maneuvers . Obey posted speed limit and traffic signs . 11 . Golf cart and side-by-side operation is limited to State Fair property only . Do not drive on highways or city roads .
12 . Golf carts and side-by-sides may not be parked in a manner which interferes with vehicle traffic or operations of the show . No parking your golf cart or side-by-side in front of the coliseum ( from horse show office to the tunnel area ) this will be reserved for authorized personnel , also no parking in the doorways of any of the barns .
13 . Absolutely no use of golf carts and side-by-sides during Wednesday ’ s move-in period and Friday evening ’ s switch- over . This is for the safety of all and to help keep lines moving quickly . With the exemption of authorized personnel .
14 . There is no driving of anything in the barns . ( offenses will count towards warnings )

Warnings / Enforcement of Rules

• Second offense : you will park your golf cart , side-by-side for 24 hours .
• Third offense : you will lose your permits for the remainder of the show .
• If caught driving after third offense you will lose the privilege of having a golf cart or side- by-side for next year ’ s show .
Please understand that being able to have these modes of transportation are a privilege that we all appreciate having and do not want to lose , so let ’ s all work together to follow these rules and have a great show . Thank you in advance .
WSCA Board of Directors