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13 - 2022 - Champ Show Special Edition www . wsca . org
WSCA 2022 Stalling Instructions PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ONLINE REQUEST ** Do NOT take a stall that is not assigned to you and NO SWITCHING STALLS !!**
1 . Stalling sign up . Stalling is a first come first serve basis . To get the stalls you want , sign up online for your classes ASAP , but NO GUARANTEES !! Forms that are sent in later , will have stalls assigned as close to your preferences checked as possible , but again NO GUARANTEES !!
2 . Entries . Each Champ Show horse / rider entry MUST have a stall to accompany that horse . Each horse must be accounted for in its ’ own box stall or tie stall . Only horses that have been entered into a class may purchase a stall .
3 . Move In . THERE IS NO UNLOADING YOUR HORSE ON THE PAVED PARKING LOT WHILE WAITING IN LINE !!! PLAN ACCORDINGLY . UNLOADING IS ONLY ALLOWED BETWEEN BARNS !!!! Stalling Options FULL & PLEASURE : Move in will be Wednesday of Champ Show at 4:00 PM . There is no check-in process . Just find your name on the stall assignments and move into your stalls . The assignments will be posted by the Horse Barn Office , and out by the trailer lineup . Stall assignments will not be posted until 4 PM and not given out beforehand for any reason . No one is allowed in the barn before 4 PM . You are NOT allowed to bring anything in early or start to unload tack while in line .
Stalling GAME OPTION : Move in will be the Friday of Champ Show starting no earlier than 9:00 PM . Stall assignments will NOT be given out ahead of time . You will need to see a “ traffic attendant ” to find your stall assignment , and if your stall is available for you to move in to . Keep in mind that the exhibitor with the PLEASURE Option ahead of you , has 1 hour after their last class to check out , so please plan accordingly . Barn office does not open before 7AM on any day , and the Barn Office hours will be posted outside the barn office during the show .
4 . Move Out . The Barn Office MUST inspect your stall before you leave . If you do not check out , and have your stalls inspected by the Barn Office , you will be charged $ 35 + 3 % fee per stall on your card on file . See # 11 below .
5 . Box Stall Options . You are encouraged to send your stalling requests in early . There is a limited amount of box and tie stalls . When either is filled , you will automatically be assigned the other . In which case you may owe us more money , or we may owe you a refund . o FULL option ( Whole weekend ) - $ 130 ** is for the Full Show from Wednesday 4 PM to Monday night . If you are not signed up for a class ( games or pleasure ) and you want to stall at that time , this is your only option . Buy Backs will only be for $ 55 when necessary . o PLEASURE option ( Pleasure portion ) - $ 55 ** is from Wednesday to Friday , one hour after your last class , YOU MUST BE OUT ! O GAMES option ( Game portion only ) - $ 56 ** is from Friday , 1 hour after the exhibitor ’ s last class for the PLEASURE option in your stall , but NOT before 9:00 PM !! Your reservation will go unitl Monday .
** Stalling prices DOUBLE when sent in AFTER CLASS ENTRY DEADLINE
6 . Tack Stalls . PLEASURE PORTION ($ 55 **): You MUST have at least 3 horses per tack stall and MUST be sent in together . GAMES PORTION ($ 56 **): You MUST have at least 5 horses per tack stall and MUST be sent in together .
FULL WEEKEND OPTION ($ 130 **): You MUST have at least 4 horses per tack stall and MUST be sent in together . ** Stalling prices DOUBLE AFTER CLASS ENTRY DEADLINE These horses sharing MUST all be the same stalling option . It is YOUR responsibility to have the minimum required horses with each tack stall request . We reserve the right to not honor tack stall requests that are not sent in together . The same $ 35 stall deposit is necessary for each tack stall !!
7 . Tie Stalls . - $ 25 is for the full show ( Wednesday 4 PM to Monday night ) and requires the same $ 35 stall deposit .
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW 8 . Groups : With the new digital sign up , if you want 100 % guarantee that your group will stall together , one person must pay for all stalls at one time , and that person would therefore be responsible for all deposits . Groups would then use the Stalling Form ( Page 1 ) AND the Group Stalling form ( Page 2 ) to list all exhibitors and email it to Tim Wampfler ( 715 ) 497 6922 wscastalling @ gmail . com . If each individual pays for their own stalls , there is no guarantee to be stalled together , making it difficult to share tack stalls .
NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW 10 . Deposits . All stalls are required to be cleaned before you leave . You STILL must then have them inspected , and checked out by the Barn Office . If you fail to complete this process , your credit card will be charged $ 35 + 3 % processing fee PER STALL as a penalty for not cleaning the stalls . You may voluntarily pay that clean up fee , but we ask that you let the Barn Office know your intentions , so we can have them cleaned in a timely manner for the Gaming portion use of that stall .
11 . Refunds . There are no refunds on stalling unless you requested a box stall and were assigned a tie-stall instead . If you are unable to attend the show as planned , you MUST notify the Stalling Coordinator and the Entry Coordinator before you rent your stall to someone else . You may then rent your stall to someone else as long as these notifications have been followed first . You will not receive a refund . Failure to notify the Barn Office Manager or Stalling Coordinator will result in your deposit check being cashed . The WSCA does not give refunds on deposit checks when the procedure is not followed or forgotten . No forms will be processed unless filled out correctly and completely . If you have questions or are not clear , it is your responsibility to contact the Stalling Coordinator – Tim Wampfler ( 715 ) 497 6922 wscastalling @ gmail . com