Sportsmen's Monthly - October 2015 - Page 18

member spotlight trailblazer Sh a ron s a bo trailblazer season sets record in 2015 Faces of the alliance Passing on Our Heritage Sportsmen’s Alliance LFD and Revere’s Riders Volunteer G rowing up in Eureka, Calif., Sharon Sabo spent her free time on the water and in th e woods surrounding her home. As an adult, Sabo joined the military and experienced the outdoors in various countries. Over time, her passion for the outdoors and preservation of our outdoor heritage became increasingly important to her – values that resonate strongly with the Sportsmen’s Alliance. Sabo learned of the Sportsmen’s Alliance while volunteering at the BB gun and firearm shooting range during the first Cabela’s Family Adventure Day, an event hosted by the Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation at Cabela’s stores across the county. Shortly afterwards, Sabo became a Local Field Director when “she saw a need for people to reach out to the community and other local groups to get involved with the Sportsmen’s Alliance.” Besides working with Sportsmen’s Alliance, Sabo also volunteers for a non-profit organization called Revere’s Riders. Revere’s Riders provide information and instruction to the public on firearm shooting, safety, legislative issues and local ranges that provide shooting and hunting opportunities. Their sole purpose is to encourage the community to get involved in conservation, firearm and hunting related issues. Sabo has her own farm where she raises animals and vegetables. Outside of the farm, they contribute time and funds to local conservation projects. Her favorite thing to do outdoors is to shoot rifles at 400 yards and work at becoming a better marksman. Sabo said she lives by two words - “Do right.” She feels if everyone were to live by those words, then those that follow after us will be able to have the freedom we all enjoy today. W ith the busy summer season behind us, Trailblazer has transitioned into fall endeavors, which promise to introduce hunting, shooting, fishing and trapping to tens of thousands of kids and their families across the country. Trailblazer leadership and volunteers pulled off the largest programming event the Sportsmen’s Alliance has ever undertaken. On June 13, Trailblazer activities were held at every Cabela’s store in the nation during their Family Outdoor Days. That’s 63 stores that simultaneously featured BB-gun shoots, archery instruction, casting lessons and more! With the beginning of November, Trailblazer will begin to wrap up the season with events at state expos open to the public, which expose tens of thousands of people to Sportsmen’s Alliance and the Trailblazer program, and private events such as Boy Scout camps and sportsmen’s clubs. All total, Trailblazer will have been featured at more than 120 events across the country in 2015 and will reach more than 200,000 children and their families. As the Sportsmen’s Alliance looks forward to 2016, we continue to evaluate all aspects of our programming in order to make the greatest impact upon hunting, fishing and trapping, and that includes involving youth to ensure that our heritage continues into the future. As a hunter, you are part of a great tradition that includes being a safe and responsible firearms owner. The National Shooting Sports Foundation’s “Own It? Respect It. Secure It” campaign is designed to keep firearm safety top of mind. Your hunting club, shooting range or business can help promote this important safety reminder by using the “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” tag on websites, printed materials and in social media. More than 1,100 industry companies and organizations like the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance are doing their part to help promote responsible firearms ownership every day of the year. Join them to amplify this safety message. ® There’s no need to reinvent the beagle. ® ® ® The Garmin PRO Series with proven Tri-Tronics technology offers more range (up to 4 miles), more dogs (up to 9*), and more options (like beacon lights and BarkLimiter built-in) while keeping the same feel and ease-of-use that professional and serious trainers have come to rely on. Tried and true just got trieder and truer. Learn more at © 2015 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries Find the “Own It? Respect It. Secure It.” logo and other firearm safety resources at PRO Trashbreaker