Sport Yorkshire SY01 Web - Page 39

Shaw cross Sharks “When the boys reach the U16’s and U18’s, they train alongside, attend games to support the Open Age team and they get the opportunity to duel register so they can participate in playing at Open Age level. So, when they finish the season of being U18’s they are prepared for Open Age. “We are definitely a community club! We have children from a wide radius around the club who attend every training session and game day. We also have a lot of local businesses surrounding us who help and support us in the means of sponsorship or donations for our events. “One of our biggest challenges is not having enough space to accommodate the growing club. This year we have just had two new extra changing rooms added to the club which takes our changing rooms up from 4 to 6, but the club is constantly growing. “It is our ambition to keep doing what we’re doing. Continue with our growth of participation and along with that have more qualified coaches and volunteers than ever. Hopefully we can see the fruits of this in coming years by more of our juniors making their way into the professional game or to our own Open Age section.” “We have been associated with the club through my son playing for the under 11’s side. He’s been at the club since the age of six and my brother sponsors the under 13’s that his son plays for. We recently had the trip to Butlin’s with the team which was a great experience for the squads to play competitive rugby; we had a tough Saturday but drew one and won the last game on the Sunday. There were around 25 teams just in our age group so the event was well organised from event level down to our own team organisation which has unbelievable parent support! We love seeing the kids playing with a smile on their face playing rugby league in the kit we sponsor. From everyone at Warmaway we would like to wish the club all the best going forward and hope they keep up their hard work.” Scott Redgwick – Warmaway 39