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3 Human albumin in liver disease : Focus on liver disease Tong Rongsheng and Xu Xiaoyuan
4 Chronic liver disease and liver cirrhosis in China : The current situation Li Beiling and Chen Jinjun
6 Albumin in decompensated cirrhosis : Future concepts and prospects Zhang Chenxi , Huang Yan , Cao Zhujun , Geng Jiawei and Xie Qing
9 Diagnosis and treatment of early-stage liver cancer in China Zhang Hui and Liu Jingfeng
12 The role of albumin in liver transplantation Le Trung Hieu and Le Trung Hai
15 Clinical management of ascites and complications of liver cirrhosis Li Yaping and Dang ShuangSuo
18 Treatment of hypoalbuminaemia in severe liver diseases Zhao Dandan and Nan Yuemin
21 Human albumin : Production processes and safety Connie Broumis , Wilfried Freudenberg and Philipp Schumann
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