SPIRE Monthly VOL.26 April 2017 | Page 6


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It’s that time of the year again! College admission results are released and many students are faced with one of the hardest decisions of their life. Find out where our graduating ambassadors are headed after high school!

Where are they headed?!

Jennifer Che @ Albany High School

Jessica Xu @ Lowell High School

"I'm planning on going to UCSD majoring in Biochemistry and Cellular Biology. I want to go to medical school in the future and UCSD has a lot of research and internship opportunities for me to gain more hands-on experience."

"Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SCU will provide me an exciting opportunity to study in the most dynamic and diverse commercial region in the world. Deciding on the college was much much harder than applying, but now I'm confident with my decision and can't wait to meet my fellow broncos!"

Santa Clara University

Accounting Information System

& Psychology

UC San Diego

Biochemistry and Cellular Biology