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the time they were forming a group to de-bunk the psychics . The group became known as The Committee for Scientific Investigation into Claims of the Paranormal or CSICOP and their journal , The Skeptical Enquirer , and the group , exists to this day . Jonathan was lucky enough to be drafted into some of the investigations they were putting together . One in particular was to check out an old aircraft hanger to find out about the claims it was haunted .
CSICOP put magicians with scientists and added writers . You couldn ’ t easily fool a team of CSICOP investigators ! JT loved the research , the people and the critical analysis . As a businessman he says it has served him well because you learn to find out what is real and what isn ’ t in a deliberate and non-emotional manner .
In his last two weeks of College , he was Pre-Law and Formal Logic with Business as a triple major . It was when his business professor told them they could earn $ 30,000 a year with their degree that Jonathan realized he was making three times as much by doing magic already so he made the conscious decision not to get the diploma and walked out . He regretted that later in life and was ultimately awarded a Ph . D . from the Institute of Marketing Studies in Warsaw .
The Academy of Magical Arts , Hollywood , where Jonathan Todd performed for years starting in 1978 .