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Jonathan was in the LA Times and headlined , “ He ’ s a Professional Magician at Age 15 ”
His main interest however was close-up magic , especially coins , and he wanted to find a venue he could work on a regular basis so starting looking for high-end restaurants . The one he found in his area with the finest food and clientele was called “ Le Ginger-House International ,” a fine dining French Restaurant . He made an appointment with the manager and told him he would make them money and more fame .
After a little negation they offered him a trial night for a couple of hours to see what people thought . As Jonathan left the meeting he realized to work such a ‘ posh ’ restaurant he would need clothes to match so he headed off to his local Tuxedo shop . He asked for the owner , showed him some magic , and stated that he needed to earn a tux fast for an audition . He had impressed the owner of the shop so much that the owner told Jonathan if he would work five days after school he could choose anything he wanted in the store .
Like his grandfather , Jonathan knew he wanted to dress well and fit in with the high-end vibe of the restaurant . The magic proved such a success at the restaurant that he ended up working for another restaurant during the same time , called , The New York Steak House . This all led to private bookings for the rich and famous , and well-heeled customers paid a high price for the teen magi . By the time he was 16 Jonathan was entrenched with well paid gigs and working for celebrities and corporate events . He also landed a job at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia , a
Disneyland-like theme park where he strolled the park doing magic by day and opened for the amphitheater stars performing magic for 5,000 people at night .
I asked Jonathan where he got his ‘ bravado ’ from and he said he was fortunate while growing up that nobody told him he couldn ’ t do something . He truly believed he could do whatever he set his mind to , and this certainly has come through in his career and this new venture with HOTEL MAGIC LLC . He credits
Jonathan Todd performing magic on Regency Cruises , a promotional photo at age 17 and at Six Flags - Magic Mountain , California . 1979-1985