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At one point one of those students approached Jonathan to help out a company called Accordance Technoloeven felt that the ships existed after the presentations , even though they did not ! Jonathan filled every berth in every sailing of the Sundance and the company was launched to much fanfare . Unfortunately on the maiden voyage the ship sank due to pilot ( not captain ) error , and that was the end of that job and within a year , the company .
As “ JT ” says , “ When one door closes , another often opens but you just have to be on the lookout for a DIFFERENT type of door .” Jonathan had built such a solid reputation as being a person who could make things happen and build businesses that during the off-time he had after the Sundancer sank , people from all over the company , also with little to do while waiting for the lawyers to figure things out , came to his office at the cruise line



and told Jonathan about their side business or their family business and asked for marketing and sales advice . Jonathan gave it freely to his coworkers . A year later Jonathan was contacted by the President of Frontier Bank and Trust . “ This huge banker came to me and told me that lots of his customers had a sudden upwards


turnaround and the bank started asking why they were doing so well . The common tread in scores of stories was they had all received advice for their business from Jonathan Todd . The bank asked Jonathan to create and lead a training program for Frontier Bank and Trust . He put together a training course that was about the length of half a semester at college but was taught in an engaging way , like a good motivational seminar , using magic to illustrate business concepts and keep attention piqued . Jonathan thought he had a formula for guerrilla sales and marketing with half a semester and half a seminar and dubbed his program a ‘ Semestinar ”. The bank paid a portion of their own businesses tuitions for any who were behind in business loans . The concept took off and after four years ended up employing a staff of twenty people with MBA ’ s and ran through 15 classes a week . Jonathan said he had everything from bowling alleys to lawyers to hair dressers to publishers in these classes and that working with so many divergent businesses let him learn what is common about all sales and marketing , regardless of industry . Something he credits as his most cherished business training up to that moment in his life .