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Leveraging resources, like oneSOURCE, that arm healthcare professionals with 24/7 access to the documents they need to maintain these standards enables facility staff to provide the safest environment possible, while also administering quality patient care. Unique programs and segmented databases, including YOUR ONE AND ONLY SOURCE FOR THE LATEST COVID-19 IFU S oneSOURCE’s recent database dedicated to COVID-19 which focuses on respiratory equipment and reusable surgical gowns, are integral in decreasing the spread of these contagious diseases. “Without sterile instruments, a surgeon is just a person with a mask and gloves!” Upholding compliance while following stringent IFUs has never been more vital to humanity and it is critical that all depart- ments enforce these policies facility-wide. While these practices should already be Sterile Processing. Two words with enormous impact. Author: Sharon Greene-Golden, oneSOURCE consultant and Manager Adventist Health Care Shady Grove Medical Center BA, CRCST, CER, SME, FC set in stone, this is the time to embrace another layer of quality assurance. IFUs come in all shapes and sizes; some are well put together and others are questionable. It is our fiduciary responsibility to make sure we have the Clean, and then clean again - and will not, even with the most updated and accurate IFUs available this is sterile processing 101 rampant introduction of a new so they can easily be implemented into at its finest. With COVID-19 on virus into our facilities and a practitioner’s workflow. the rise and a new level of safety daily lives. We are required precautions being taken into as professionals to hold true As I’ve said many times, “Without sterile consideration for the general to the rules and regulations instruments, a surgeon is just a person public, some may ask what does or environmental cleaning with a mask and gloves!” In this current this mean for healthcare facilities? in sterile processing departments. situation, this statement applies to us How do hospitals and medical The process of rigorous all. As we continue to navigate how to professionals help to decrease cleaning curbs the number maintain safe practices both inside and the spread of infectious diseases? of microorganisms that can outside healthcare facilities, it’s pertinent For us, the process of sterile be transmitted to the patient to abide by the basic tenets of sterile processing has not changed, and the healthcare worker. processing: clean, sanitize and repeat. www.healthcarehygienemagazine.com • Sterile Processing Imperatives 2020 23