SOURCE Magazine Summer 2022 July 2022 - Page 9

SOURCE | Summer 2022 7 within the last few years , he ’ s still working harder than ever . His daughter and son-in-law live just across the way and want to take over the operation , but Fysh says his son-in-law has a good job at an area company and he wants them to build up a solid financial buffer so they don ’ t have to struggle like Fysh remembers he and his wife having to do years ago , especially in the 1980s .
“ My family has farmed on this land for more than 150 years and I suspect that will continue until at least the next generation ,” he adds . “ It can be tiring and stressful , but I can ’ t imagine doing anything else , and it really is rewarding when you have those little wins each day .”
As we say our goodbyes , a light drizzle is starting to form and Fysh says that ’ s not a bad thing since the rain will let him catch up on some equipment issues before the harvest picks up in earnest again tomorrow .
“ That ’ s the beauty of this , is you get a second chance all over the next day ,” Fysh says with a smile .