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Lewis works with crop specialists to determine the best time to soil and tissue sample crops . Once these times have been determined , she plans out when she will go to these fields with the drone to collect the data . She expressed the value she sees in the hands-on experience she is gaining .
“ I have always said that one year of work is worth four years of school ,” Lewis adds . “ I ’ m gaining more knowledge by being out here in the field working with the crop specialist and farmers , than I ever could in a classroom . I do report to my supervisor , but I am responsible for my work and having the initiative to make sure it gets completed .”
GROWMARK strives to have a high retention rate of converting interns into full-time employees , setting that goal at 50 percent . Last summer , that goal was almost reached with a 48.89 percent retention rate , which was higher than past years .
Jacob Wiesbrock , a student at the University of Illinois , was an Exploring Ag Intern last summer and is now a GROWMARK agronomy intern at GRAINCO FS in Lostant , Illinois .
Jacob Wiesbrock , a GROWMARK agronomy intern at GRAINCO FS in Lostant , Illinois .
“ The agronomist at our location is retiring this year , so I knew I wanted to come back and learn from him again this year while I still had the chance ,” Wiesbrock says . “ I ’ m excited to take what I ’ m learning and apply it as I decide my future plans . What I ’ m doing here is helping me to learn not only the hands-on side of GRAINCO FS , but also the business side , which is extremely valuable .”
Interns are also tasked with creating a project during their 12-week internship experience . This project is then presented at the Conclusion Meeting in August . Ultimately projects should benefit the intern ’ s company while utilizing the intern ’ s strengths and interests .
“ I would recommend an internship with GROWMARK because of the networking opportunities and the knowledge you gain ” says Wiesbrock . “ You learn about various areas within agriculture while expanding your support system .”
GROWMARK ’ s recruiting team works year-round to share the various opportunities that GROWMARK offers to students . Each year brings on new positions and the need for motivated individuals to join the GROWMARK team .
Jessie Lewis