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Maggie Pendleton at the FSP Boot Camp during her first week as an Intern in 2017 with Nicole Penney , Precision Ag Manager
“ I really hadn ’ t found my calling yet . I decided to try one more switch in ag : to move to the Beeton branch in fall of 2018 . Once I was there , pieces were starting to feel like they were falling into place . When Bill Ruppert became my boss a few months later , that ’ s when things really changed , and I was pushed in the right direction . Bill really became the driving force that I needed . Initially , I resisted his pressure to take additional training and learn new skills . In hindsight , I am very thankful that he encouraged me because without it , I wouldn ’ t be here today !”
FS PARTNERS Branch Manager Bill Ruppert played a pivotal role in encouraging Maggie to apply for the role of In-Branch Grain Originator that had opened up in Beeton . Admittedly , Maggie had talked herself down thinking that she didn ’ t have the skill or the knowledge to take on the role . To her surprise , she took Bill ’ s advice to not limit herself , submitted an application , and was soon accepted to the new role .
She began to build relationships with the local producers , while learning more about grain marketing as a whole .
During her internship , Maggie had the opportunity to travel to Bloomington , Illinois with her GROWMARK intern peers three times that summer . Between her travels , Maggie worked independently crop scouting vegetables and completing her GROWMARK intern project .
“ They joke that the internship is a great boots-on-the-ground experience , but that wasn ’ t the half of it ! It was an opportunity to learn more about the FS System and its ag retail divisions with my peers in Bloomington ,” she adds .
Fast forward to the following summer — May 2018 . Maggie graduated from the University of Guelph , and was hired for a crop scouting job with FS PARTNERS in Alliston . With a primary focus on vegetables again , it was demanding and enjoyable work , but there was something that Maggie was still missing .
In the spring of 2018 , Maggie made the move to an administrative role at FS PARTNERS in Elmvale . Nothing felt like a good fit , and truth be told , Maggie was considering leaving the industry entirely . She explains her next step – which is ultimately what led her to where she is today .
Maggie Pendleton on her first day as a GROWMARK Intern in 2017
“ Once I became the In-Branch Grain Originator in July 2019 , I started to gain confidence in myself and my abilities ,” Maggie says . “ I was also nominated by my peers for the branch Health and Safety Representative role , which created a new learning opportunity and gave me further experience into branch operations .”
Maggie soon realized that she enjoyed the grain industry more than she had enjoyed her previous roles in agronomy . Perhaps grain was the missing piece she had been looking for all along . Maggie took interest in the economic aspect of the grain industry . She was intrigued as events occurring across the globe could impact and influence market conditions both globally and locally .
Branch Manager Bill Ruppert and Great Lakes Grain Origination Coach Devin Homick became exemplary mentors , pushing Maggie every step of the way . Maggie engaged in a hands-on role
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