SOURCE Magazine Spring 2023 | Page 37

SOURCE | Spring 2023 17 and management – and ensure that our health care system addresses the nutrition needs of all people .
There are many actions under this pillar , focused on Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries ’ access to “ food is medicine ” interventions , access to nutrition and obesity counseling , and increasing access to nutrition-related services through private insurance and federal programs beyond Medicare and Medicaid .
Another pillar is Empowering all Consumers to Make and Have Access to Healthy Choices . Actions in this pillar include front of package labeling for prepared foods that “ quickly and easily communicate nutrition information .” The front of package labeling updates serving sizes , bolded calorie counts , offers new nutrition information , such as folate and folic acid content , and added sugars . Additionally , the strategy seeks to make sure foods labeled “ healthy ” are in line with current nutrition science and the Dietary Guidelines for America .
The California Prune Board ’ s Zea noted there is extensive research on the nutritious benefits of prunes . He said research shows prunes can positively impact gut health , bone health , heart health , and weight management .
“ California prunes pack a powerful punch ,” Zea added .
Santos and Gallo noted their companies work on food labeling regulations that would require labeling on allergens , and traceability .
There is still much to be learned regarding what food interventions successfully treat , reduce , or prevent medical issues like diabetes or hypertension . Panelists agreed the changes in domestic food , nutrition , and health policies will require input and investment from the public and private arenas .