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Science and learning – the well of optimism
As the months have passed , references to ‘ our changed world ’ have almost become clichéd , such has been the long duration of the COVID-19 pandemic . Few people remain untouched by its disruption and tragedies . Without discounting the enormity of the health crisis , there has , in the main , been a positive ‘ sleeves up ’ response by people , institutions and industries . The higher education sector in particular has risen to the challenge , keenly aware of its responsibility to equip society to manage the health , social and economic challenges now and into the future . For the University of Portsmouth , knowledge creation and problem solving are our raison d ’ etre and a pandemic brings this into even sharper focus . Our research teams were on the front foot at the very beginning , applying their skills to support the health and wellbeing of people and businesses . This has been a natural extension of our ongoing research and education activities , which we continue to profile in this latest issue of SOLVE magazine .
Our mission is to create , share and apply knowledge to make a difference . We are proud to shine light on the groundbreaking achievements of our people and , by extension , the Portsmouth community , which stands globally as a centre of excellence in so many fields of endeavour .
Some of the research covered in this issue spans the full breadth of knowledge pursuit , from the frontier of astrophysics delivering new insights into the cosmos and our place in it and the use of space tools – satellites – for delivering fast , effective disaster response in developing countries , to fundamental human needs ; science that tangibly supports physical and mental wellbeing . You will meet in these pages extraordinary people whose ingenuity and services to humanity are inspiring – restoring physical mobility and its attendant mental wellbeing to lives upended by accident or disease ; creatively using theatre to help returned service men and women manage the emotional wounds inflicted in today ’ s conflict zones ; even using new insights and methods to solve crime .
The University of Portsmouth also has a strong presence , internationally , in environmental science ; our research into reducing plastic waste is a benchmark for this worldwide effort . Similarly , resources sustainability is at the core of our research into less obvious , but just as damaging , activity such as the colossal waste in the world ’ s fashion industries .
And did you know that , despite assumptions arising from the sinking of the Titanic , hypothermia rarely causes drowning ? Given Portsmouth ’ s maritime history , it is as apt as it is meritorious that busting this myth has led to scores of lives now being saved around our shores every year .
As we ponder an uncertain future , I hope this glimpse into the University and of its people will remind us that learning does not stop . It is why the future offers hope and why science and education are the fount of optimism .
Professor Graham Galbraith Vice-Chancellor University of Portsmouth
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University of Portsmouth Issue 02 2021
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The University of Portsmouth , like all universities and research institutions , is responding decisively to the coronavirus pandemic . As far as possible , research and teaching have been moved online to limit the disruption to people ’ s work and studies . As we meet this unprecedented challenge we are mindful that our responsibility to the future has never been greater . Research and education will be two crucial bulwarks as the world returns communities and economies to health with confidence .
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