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EDITORIAL CONTENTS A shared legacy of exploration We all experience the accelerating pace of change in the world around us. It can be exciting and unnerving in equal measure because change tests our capacity to adjust, to problem-solve and to turn challenges into opportunities. This need to adapt leads us on journeys of discovery, and universities are at the heart of such new knowledge because of our role in researching innovative solutions to the worlds’ biggest challenges and questions. These journeys are the raison d’etre for a university. Those of us who are engaged in this endeavour also have a responsibility to communicate what we are learning. Only by sharing our knowledge will we succeed as a community and as a nation. This is why the University of Portsmouth is producing SOLVE magazine – to share as scientists and educators our research and knowledge-building that stand to make a difference to the world. Portsmouth has been Britain’s gateway to exploration for centuries, and the University of Portsmouth is similarly a portal to global research that will benefit everyone. Our research academics are world leaders in many fields, positioning not just our local community, but also the UK, at the forefront of sciences shaping the future – from impactful applied research through to world-leading theoretical research. We collaborate across the world with other research institutions and industries to turn what we learn into practice, to create innovative solutions to managing, sustaining and sharing the world’s finite resources. A large body of our research is also directed towards social wellbeing and improving people’s lives. This is reflected in the University’s mission to provide accessible tertiary education as the foundation on which we build strong, confident communities, particularly when faced with challenges as daunting as climate change and economic globalisation. But just as the world keeps moving, so do we. The articles in this first issue of SOLVE cover just some of the extraordinary work by our research teams, including world-leading advances towards solving major environmental challengers on land and at sea. We are also making our communities safer and fairer. Our acclaimed gender research, for example, goes far beyond analysing and reporting the social and economic cost of disempowerment; it introduces functional, positive change through innovative tools, processes, programmes and mindsets. While the magazine highlights notable individuals, modern research and innovation is a team sport. We take a thematic approach that allows us to bring together cross-disciplinary groups to maximise research performance and impact. Since the first day we opened our doors in 1908 as a municipal college and public library, we have looked towards the future. That is the journey we are on and one that we invite all to join. Professor Graham Galbraith Vice-Chancellor UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH 03 NEWS 04 SUSTAINABILITY AND THE ENVIRONMENT 05 Clarion call for a plastics revolution 08 Chance for a deep blue step change 10 Waste find brings PET to heel 14 Could car parts feed the world? 16 The world is our oyster 18 Plumbing new depths of sustainable behaviour 20 Circular economy spins waste into a resource COVER PHOTO: 123RF ENQUIRIES Research and Innovation Services PRODUCTION Written, edited, and designed by the University of Portsmouth and Coretext ( Copyright University of Portsmouth, all rights reserved Read articles online and find out more information at The information in this publication is correct at the time of going to print, May 2020. Views and opinions expressed in the magazine are those of the authors and contributors and do not necessarily represent the corporate view of the University of Portsmouth. University of Portsmouth Issue 01 2020 21 The buck stops on a shop shelf near you 22 Ecology: a new brand economy 24 Britain’s burning question 26 GENDER 27 Research lights gender equality’s tortuous path 30 Girls’ night out on the femininity tightrope 32 Decoding the language of violence against women 34 Live on stage – a balancing act extraordinaire 35 Diversity straining on its leash The University of Portsmouth, like all universities and research institutions, is responding decisively to the coronavirus pandemic. As far as possible, research and teaching has been moved online to limit the disruption to people’s work and studies. As we meet this unprecedented challenge we are mindful that our responsibility to the future has never been greater. Research and education will be two crucial bulwarks as the world returns communities and economies to health with confidence. Published annually by the University of Portsmouth, Marketing, Advancement and Communications Department, Mercantile House, Hampshire Terrace, Portsmouth, PO1 2EG, UK SOLVE ISSN 978 1 86137 671 8 (Print); ISSN 978 1 86137 672 5 (Online) 2 ISSUE 1 / 2020