Solships - Solstad Offshore ASA 03/2014 - Fleetlist - Page 3

From Soldrott to Normand Vision: 50 years of shipping F rom a modest beginning 50 years ago, the shipping company that Johannes Solstad founded in 1964 has evolved into a company with global activities. On the 15th of September 1964, Solstad Rederi acquired its first ship from Jacob Odland SS in Haugesund. The ship was named Soldrott. Its original name was MS Anna Odland, and it was built in Germany in 1939. It was one of the legendaryships that sailed for Nortraship during the Second World War. It’s an enormous leap both in terms of investments and technology from the first Soldrott to the modern fleet of today. The latest additions to the fleet are Construction Support Vessels (CSV) Normand Reach and Normand Vision, examples of the latest generation of vessels that is not measured in deadweight, but in value. Over the 50 years the company has owned a total of 109 ships. During the first years they were second-hand cargo ships which were gradually replaced and supplemented by modern vessels. As a result of offshore activities Solstad evolved into becoming an all offshore shipping company. As of June 2014 the company operates 48 specialized offshore vessels within three categories. 19 of the vessels carry the designation AHTS (Anchor Handling Tug Normand Vision Supply), while 19 are CSVs (Construction Support Vessels). 9 vessels are PSVs (Platform Supply Vessels).The company has also ordered a large CSV, which is due for delivery in 2016. As in Norwegian shipping, which at all times has been internationally orientated, Solstad has from the very beginning had the entire world as field of operation. During the first years the bulk of activities were concentrated in the Far East. Today Solstad has a global presence, being engaged in operations in Asia, Australia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa. The company has currently a workforce of approximately 1900, of whom the majority work onboard the ships. It’s head quarter has always been in Skudeneshavn, with branch offices in Aberdeen, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Manila, and Perth. This attachment presents all the 109 ships that have sailed under the Solstad flag. These ships, and all who have sailed on them, makes Solstad what it is today.