Solar Power International 2015 Pre-Event Showcase - Page 27

Solar  Power  Interna-onal   Anaheim  Conven-on  Center     Anaheim,  California   September  14,  2015     PREMLINIARY  PROGRAM  SUBJECT  TO  CHANGE     SOLAR SUPPLY CHAIN FORUM 2015     11:45am         e-­‐commerce  -­‐  How  ‘Big  Data’  Informa-on  Is  Revolu-onizing  the  Solar  Supply  Chain   Roman  Martynenko,  CEO,  astoundcommerce   The  solar  PV  industry  can  benefit  from  other  B2Bs’  learning  curves  when  it  comes  to  e-­‐commerce.  This  presenta;on  will  explore  how  your   business  can  roll  out  a  customized  digital  strategy  that  focuses  on  picking  up  on  exis;ng  trends  that  will  no  doubt  iden;fy  new  profit  centers.     12:05  pm           Innova-ve  Technologies:  Real-­‐Time  Smart  Tracking  Systems  for  Fact  Based  Decisions     Torsten  Nimtz,  Director  Americas,  Hellmann  Renewable  Energy  Logis>cs   You’ll  never  have  to  wonder  the  whereabouts  of  your  shipment  no  maSer  where  in  the  world  thanks  to  this  state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art,  satellite-­‐powered   tracking  system  that  makes  everyone  along  the  value  chain  happy.         12:30  pm      Lunch  Break       1:45    pm             Supply  Chain  Insurance  and  Finance:  Aligning  Investor  Expecta-ons     Moderator:  TBA     Panellist:  MaVhias  F.  Al>eri,  Founder  &  Managing  Partner,  Minerva  Capitol  Parters,    Paul  Kaufman,  Chadbourne  &  Parke  LLP,  Jonathan   Pickering,  Managing  Director,  K2  Clean  Energy  Capital,  LLC,  John  Smirnow,  Smirnow  Law,  Luciano  Guido,  CEO,  Geralex  Consultores,  Stefan   Szulc,  Senior  Vice  President,  Marsh  &  McLennan  Inc.     Investors  and  Insurance  underwriters  want  to  know  more  than  ever  that  solar  companies  are  posi;oning  themselves  for  long-­‐term  success  by   integra;ng  sustainable  supply  chains  to  advance  quality  and  reliability.    What  is  the  bankable  criteria  when  deciding  to  finance  or  insure  PV   systems  here  in  the  States  or  in  emerging  markets?       2:30  pm           Solar  Quality  and  Reliability  &  the  Supply  Chain:  Convergence,  Emergence,  and  Standardiza-on     Moderator:    Laura  Azpilicueta,  Global  Sales  &  Marke>ng  Director,  EVASA  and  Chairwomen  SOLARUNITED   Speaker:    Jan  Grimberg,  Business  Director  Advanced  Surfaces,  DSM,  Dr.  Nabih  Cherradi,  Chief  Technical  Officer,  Desert  Technologies,  Marina   Temchenko,  R&D  Manager,  Madico,  Alexander  Bradley,  Principal  Inves>gator,  Dupont,  Lior  Handelsman,  Founder,  VP  Marke>ng  &  Product   Strategy,  SolarEdge  Technologies,  tba  NREL   Panelists  represen;ng  leading  manufacturers  will  discuss  the  importance  of  using  quality  materials  for  fabrica;ng  dependable  modules  that  will   last  25  years,  and  the  need  for  establishing  standards  and  cer;fica;ons.  By  doing  so,  we’ll  protect  Solar’s  future.     3:15  pm      Networking  Break       3:30  pm         Green-­‐Focused  Packaging     Cornelius  Paul,  Eckpack  Service  GmbH  &  Co  KG     It  makes  sense  for  a  product  like  PV  modules  and  other  solar  panel  components  to  be  also  packaged  ecologically.  Reduce  breakage  of  fragile   materials  in  transit  and  help  save  the  environment  with  this  reusable  packaging,  too.     4:15pm      Ask  the  Experts   Town  Hall  ques;on  and  answer  session   Conference  Fee:   $350  SEIA  /  SEPA  /  SOLARUNITED  Member   Discount  code:  SOLARUNITED     $400  Non-­‐Member       Brought  To  You  By   REGISTER  TODAY  AT         In  Coopera;on  With