Solar Power International 2015 Pre-Event Showcase - Page 26

Solar  Power  Interna-onal   Anaheim  Conven-on  Center     Anaheim,  California   September  14,  2015     PREMLINIARY  PROGRAM  SUBJECT  TO  CHANGE     SOLAR SUPPLY CHAIN FORUM 2015   8:30  am       Registra-on  +  Welcome  Networking       9:00  am     Opening  Remarks   Eric  Ast  –  Head  of  Global  Business  Development  Photovoltaics,  Mul>-­‐Contact  AG  and  President  of  SOLARUNITED       9:10  am     Think  Big     Holger  Meyer  -­‐  Conference  Chair  -­‐  Global  Director,  Hellmann  Renewable  Logis>cs  -­‐  Hellmann  World  Wide  Logis>cs     The  world  isn’t  as  big  as  you  think.  This  session’s  case  study  will  tell  you  how  to  set  up  a  global  Supply  Chain  program  by  tapping  the  resources   of  similarly  minded  regional  partners,  and  expand  your  business  exponen;ally.     9:40  am     Beyond  Logis-cs:  Opportuni-es  in  the  Solar  Supply  Chain   Jay  Grover  –  Senior  Director  Global  Logis>cs,  Sun  Edison     This  session  will  explore  how  listening  to  your  customers  about  their  needs  will  no  doubt  give  you  ideas  for  coming  up  with  new   complementary  services  along  the  global  value  chain  that  will  allow  your  business  to  beSer  serve  key  accounts,  and  help  all  concerned  for  the   proverbial  win-­‐win.     10:00  am     Managing  the  Unexpected:  How  to  Run  Supply  Chains  in  the  21st  Century     Xavier  Orozco  -­‐  Director  of  Global  Marke>ng,  Energy  Segment,  Flextronics     Shipping  globally,  of  course,  has  its  challenges.  So  instead  of  reinven;ng  the  wheel,  let’s  apply  to  Solar  PV  tried  and  tested  approaches  that   original  equipment  manufacturers  serving  other  technology  industries.           10:20  am     Solar  Demand  and  Supply  Chain  Market  Update     Ash  Sharma  –  Senior  Director,  IHS  Technology   The  latest  facts  and  figures  from  leading  solar  research  firm  IHS  Technology  will  be  provided  by  the  firm’s  lead  analyst  Ash  Sharma,  senior   research  director  of  its  power  &  energy  prac;ce.  The  current  landscape  will  be  examined,  as  well  as  IHS’s  five-­‐year  forecast  for  solar  PV,  so  you   can  be  sure  your  business  decisions  are  based  on  solid  data.       10:45  am    Networking  Break       11:00  am             The  Future  of  Solar:  Industry  360  (Panel  Session)     Moderator:    Chris>an  Roeslund,  Content  Director,  Solar  PV.TV   Panelist:  Dean  Solan,  CEO,    Shoals,  Steve  Shirey,  Vice  President  North  America,  L-  ReEnergy,  Ahmed  Amir,  Logis-cs  Manager,  SolarCity  ,   Jessica  Benavidez,  Director  Opera-ons  &  Business  Development,  Proinso   A  select  group  of  movers  and  shakers  of  the  Solar  manufacturing  industry  will  take  the  industry’s  pulse,  in  which  top  execu;ves  will  discuss   frankly  high  marks  and  areas  where  improvement  is  obvious  and  everyone’s  interest  to  take    Solar  to  the  next  level  of  contribu;ng  to  meet  the   globe’s  energy  needs.       Conference  Fee:   $350  SEIA  /  SEPA  /  SOLARUNITED  Member   Discount  code:  SOLARUNITED     $400  Non-­‐Member       Brought  To  You  By   REGISTER  TODAY  AT         In  Coopera;on  With