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Advanced OutBack Power Radian inverters are at the heart of innovative self-contained energy systems such as Sonnenbatterie’s Eco family of residential smart storage products with Lithium-Ion batteries, recently introduced at InterSolar North America 2015 in San Francisco.

“OutBack Power’s Radian inverter/charger was a natural choice to integrate into Sonnenbatterie’s eco residential smart storage system,” said Boris von Bormann, CEO of Sonnenbatterie USA. “Working with OutBack, we are confident we can provide American home owners with the peace of mind our European customers have come to expect from Sonnenbatterie – that their home energy storage system will operate reliably in any environment and applications.

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photo: Sonnenbatterie's Eco smart storage solution

complete system management from anywhere in the world using an internet-connected device

These system innovations are available on the acclaimed FLEXpower systems using OutBack’s FX-R series inverter/chargers as well as the new FLEXpower Radians, pre-configured, pre-assembled and pre-wired systems built around OutBack’s flagship Radian inverter/chargers in 8kW and 4kW versions. Notes Mara White, “with the entire system (charge controllers, programmer, networking hub and load center) built onto a back-plane that can be hung on a wall, it's the quickest path possible to installing and commissioning a custom-quality system while saving valuable on-site installation timeFLEXpower means that installers can literally ‘take the guesswork out of their best work.”’

Completing the system

In addition to the new FLEXpower systems, OutBack is also advancing energy storage and solar combiner technology to provide a seamless, one-brand solution for the entire balance-of-system.

The Integrated Combiner Solution (ICS) addresses rapid shut-down and other requirements facing the installer community with several innovative designs for North American and international markets. ICS Plus, for North America, is UL-1741 listed from roof to battery and meets the National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements for Arc-fault protection (against loose connections or damaged wiring) and rapid shutdown (disable the system in the event of an emergency such as a fire). The new system is powder-coated and housed in a NECA 3R enclosure for rooftop mounting under panels, which makes installation easier. The international version, ICS, is CE listed to meet international safety requirements, and is both NEMA 3R and IP 54 rated for outdoor use and also powder-coated for maximum durability. Both new systems are pre-configured and pre-wired to save installers as much time in the field as possible, and include fuse holders, cable glands, distribution blocks as well as wiring.

Both new systems are pre-configured and pre-wired to save installers as much time in the field as possible, and include fuse holders, cable glands, distribution blocks as well as wiring.

In energy storage, OutBack’s is unique among system manufacturer in also providing one of the most complete battery lines in the industry. OutBack’s acclaimed EnergyCell series rangesfrom low/medium capacity top terminal types for smaller off-grid installations including agricultural and rural electrification projects, to medium capacity front terminal types for a wide range of applications, as well as high capacity designs for commercial and larger residential systems—all fully supported with a comprehensive line of enclosure and racking solutions. The line’s advanced VRLA/AGM chemistry is augmented by the latest in nano-carbon technology, which offers all the safety and convenience of a VRLA battery along with the cycling benefits of advanced energy storage. An active molecular material, nano-carbon puts between 10-100 times more carbon coverage where it can do the most good internally: maintaining negative active material. It can deliver up to 44% improved cycle life and also endures partial charging much better than conventional AGM designs, making it ideal for energy arbitrage applications as well as off-grid with limited sunlight.