Social Media Policies Social Media Policy 2018 | Page 2

LIFE UNIVERSITY SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Life University recognizes the need to keep up with new Social Media (SM) channels as they become available. The University offers an SM policy, best practices and suggestions as a means to ensure that engagement on these channels represents Life University’s best interest. These tools potentially reach millions of users and thus have the capability to significantly impact professional, personal and organizational reputations. These guidelines therefore stress professionalism, care and caution in all SM use. Because of the amorphous and changing SM landscape, these guidelines are broad and may change as new channels and user capabilities emerge. Life University guidelines and policies only apply to official SM accounts created to represent Life University groups, departments, programs, entities, etc. and do not apply to private individual accounts. All SM accounts must ultimately serve the purpose of supporting the University’s mission, goals and programs. OFFICIAL LIFE UNIVERSITY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS To be considered an official SM account, the administrator of the account must submit it to Life University’s Marketing Department for approval. To do so, please submit a Project Request form at The following are Life University’s official SM accounts: Facebook: Twitter: @LifeUniversity Instagram: lifeuniversityga Pinterest: Snapchat: lifeuniversity LinkedIn: Life University