Social Dialogue

Newsletter Reinforce Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, at sectoral and company levels Our Project Partners: FESETE (Portuguese Trade Union Organization) ACV-CSC METEA (Belgium Trade Union Organization) OS-TOK (Czech Trade Union Organization) DISK Tekstil (Turkish Trade Union Organization) The Project is dedicated to the: "Reinforcement of the Social Dialogue and Collective Bargaining, at sectoral and company levels, for a continuous improvement of employment and productivity in the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries" January 2016 Main Objective of the Project:  To promote the participation of sectoral partners of the Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear Industries in Social Dialogue as a way to transform sectoral and company collective bargaining into instruments which increasingly ensure the viability of enterprises and the defense of employment, in the current context of global and national changes.  Portray this through increasing Information and Awareness levels of trade union organizations, especially in what concerns to the importance of strengthening Social Dialogue, particularly in the framework of sectoral and company collective bargaining and in the sub dimensions, Organisation of Working Time, Health and Safety at Work and Gender Equality. In doing this, attempt to adjust collective agreements to the real needs of companies; to their needs of restructuring and, at the same time, to promote an improved reconciliation of working time with time for family and leisure. Page 1