S'more News Summer 2017! - Page 6

2017 Gold Awardees

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting—created in 1916, this leadership award recognizes older girls who make a difference in their communities. Historically, the Gold Award has had different names including the Golden Eagle of Merit (1916-1918), the Golden Eaglet (1919-1938), the Curved Bar Award (1940-1963) and

the First Class Award (1938-1940 and 1963-1980). Since 1916, approximately one million Girl Scouts have reached their Gold Award or the equivalent. Present award requirements call

for an 80 hour take action project created and completed by each girl as a means to make

a sustainable impact within their local community.

In May, GSSNE hosted the Girl Scouts Shine Ceremony where we honored twelve Gold Awardees at Warwick Country Club—seventeen Silver Awardees and eighty-six Bronze Awardees were honored as well! Congressman David Cicilline congratulated the awardees along with Congressman Jim Langevin who gave a touching speech on perseverance. The

2017 Gold Awardees shared their experiences during the Gold Award process with friends

and family and graciously accepted the applause they so deserved.

The 2017 GSSNE Gold Awardees are Emily Canuel, Katrina Claflin, Victoria Elizabeth DeBlois, Kate Elizabeth DeBoer, Allyson Desrosiers, Emily Rose Foley, Morgan Kane, Elysandra Larlham, Samantha Murphy, Megan Scarborough, Lindsey N. Scott, and Haley Shaw.

From the group, the 2017 GSSNE Young Women of Distinction Awardees are Emily Canuel, Music Matters; Elysandra Larlham, Met Freshman Mentoring Program; and Megan Scarborough, The Color Blue. At a recent event, Megan spoke and stated,

“Girl Scouts raises little girls into vibrant leaders, and it teaches the value of compassion and community, the importance of finding your passions and using your strengths to make a difference. In the Girl Scout law we learn from a young age about honesty, citizenship, compassion, courage, dignity, respect, resourcefulness, and loyalty; to our sisters, our country, and our world. We learn to love with integrity, and to act from our hearts. These lessons stay with the girls as their minds grow into strong working muscles, so that their beliefs and ideas develop from these core values."

Such eloquent words from a young woman, who along with her sisters in Girl Scouting, is already making the world a better place. Congratulations to the 2017 Gold, Silver, and Bronze Awardees—continue to shine!