S'more News Summer 2017! - Page 5

Troop Spotlight!

Central Falls - Troop 3

In the fall of 2014, GSSNE launched the Hispanic Initiative with the goal of reaching out to the Hispanic community to acquaint them with Girl Scout programs and recruit girls and adults. Although there have been after school Girl Scout programs in schools in Central Falls, it has been many years since a traditional troop has existed. In the fall of 2016, Christina Toro and Ingrid Franco committed to leading the newly formed Troop 3. The adults and girls have avidly worked on Girl Scout badges including My Best Self,

Bugs, and The Home Scientist.

The troop’s first trip was to the Roger Williams Planetarium as they worked on their Home Scientist Badge. Their love of adventure was then sparked and they planned their next trip to the Providence Children’s Museum where the girls continued to learn about the environment through exploration in the Underland.

They also love to garden so they earned a Fun Patch by planting flowers and volunteering for the Central Falls Earth Day Clean Up. The troop year wrapped up at the end of June, but these Go-Getters are going to visit the Mystic Aquarium and two of the troop members had their first camp experience this summer—one of the girls has returned home and loved camp so much that she sings camp songs all day long!