S'more News Summer 2017! | Page 2


What an amazing year this has been and it’s not over yet!

As you know, it is all about the girls and the impact we have in their lives. I am continually touched by the stories of our girls and there are two I want to share with you…

Six years ago “Hannah” came to Camp Hoffman as a seven year old and immediately fell in love! She found a second home at camp, and pleaded with her parents to sign her up for the rest of summer. While they couldn’t afford it at the time, they saw how much camp meant to Hannah—they saved all year to ensure that the following summer she could attend every week of camp.

Now, fast forward those six years and Hannah decided to truly challenge herself. Having a fear of the zip line she had refused to do it, until this camp season! She wanted to test herself, and felt that after six years, it was her time. It took a lot of coaching from patient counselors, but Hannah finally took on the zip line! She shrieked with joy, and is now (im)patiently waiting for another chance to fly through the air.

How amazing that Hannah’s first camp experience inspired her so much that after attending for six years she is still having new experiences that foster courage, confidence and character!

Speaking of courage, confidence, and character, Megan Scarborough is one of the twelve GSSNE Girl Scouts who earned their Gold Award this year and is one of three Young Women of Distinction Awardees. For her Gold Award project, Megan wrote, illustrated and published a touching children’s book about grief entitled, The Color Blue. Her book addresses the issue of ignoring mental health as a society and most specifically the repercussions of this for children after experiencing loss.

Megan’s book touched the emcee of the Girl Scouts Shine Ceremony, dedicated volunteer and Leading Women of Distinction Awardee, Nancy Armstrong. Nancy took it upon herself to promote Megan’s book, and as a result, hundreds of copies have been purchased by a funeral director who wants to share it with grieving families.

Megan utilized her Gold Award project experience to help others in true Girl Scout fashion!

Hannah and Megan embody the vision that Juliette Gordon Low had when she started this movement. Hannah is in an open, empowering, safe place while at camp and Megan was inspired to use her strengths and her passions to tackle a stigma in society that she hopes to help change.

Isn’t it humbling to be a small part of a movement that impacts girls in such deep and meaningful ways?

Your CEO - Pam