S'more News November 2020 Thankful Edition - Page 2

Girl Scouting Makes Me Feel Whole

Years ago, an adolescent Girl Scout, when asked how Girl Scouting makes her feel, said: “it makes me feel whole”. I was so moved by her statement and have always hoped that other girls feel similarly. If every Girl Scout adult helps even one girl feel this way, we have indeed made our world a much better place!

And I am certain this is true! After seeing the Camp Hoffman Centennial video, and hearing the impact that Camp Hoffman has had in the lives of girls, especially during this pandemic, I am so grateful for every volunteer and staff member who has provided girls with the space, and the caring and supportive environment for her to find her sense of self and her “wholeness”.

Our country is so fractured right now. Helping girls feel whole—when so much around them feels uncertain and divisive—is more important than ever. Making friends is always one of the top reasons that girls love Girl Scouting, so can you imagine how scary it must be for girls when at any moment someone might unfriend them because of differing points of view or because they said something offensive without realizing it? This “cancel culture” is real and something that we in Girl Scouting can help girls navigate by helping them learn how to have conversations where they listen non-judgmentally and have the courage to also speak their own truth. Our Girl Scout Law lays the foundation for bridging the divide as we pledge to respect ourselves and others, and to be responsible for what we say and do.

Thanks to every donor and community and business partner for investing in Girl Scouting. Your investment in us does help us change the world!


Your CEO - Pam