S'more News- January 2020 Cookie Edition - Page 7

Did You Know? There are a number of ways that girls can market and sell cookies:

DIRECT SALES are a great way to sell cookies that allows girls to have packages of cookies in-hand to sell door-to-door to family, friends and neighbors.

Girl Scouts exchange cookies and payment in one easy step.

ORDER TAKING Girls may ask family, friends, and neighbors to help support

Girl Scouts by taking orders. They may go door-to-door in their neighborhood or possibly take orders at a family member’s workplace. Girls collect money at the time of delivery only and remember to write thank you notes that you include when delivering product.

BOOTH SALES are a great way to reach customers who might not know a

Girl Scout. These are usually a troop event scheduled by the Troop Leader or Troop Cookie Manager. Girl Scouts gather together at public places (grocery stores are popular!) to sell cookies. At booth sales girls work together to achieve troop and individual sales goals.

Remember to always follow safety guidelines when selling cookies! Click here to review GSUSA’s safety guidelines.

ONLINE SALES are ideal for Girl Scouts with family members living too far away to support her cookie sale. Girls send a Smart Cookies Direct Ship eCard, via email, inviting family and friends to order cookies from her online. Cookies and shipping costs are paid online using a credit card, and the cookies are shipped directly to their home.