S'more News- January 2020 Cookie Edition - Page 2

Bite, Dunk, Repeat

When I came into the office yesterday, an item in the store caught my eye—a t-shirt featuring Girl Scouts cookies, with the message "Bite, Dunk, Repeat"!

Soon, consumers of Girl Scouts cookies will be doing this very thing, thanks to

entrepreneurial Girl Scouts who will be selling and delivering these delicious treats to customers who eagerly await them every year.

Whether it’s a delicious Shortbread cookie dipped into tea, a yummy Lemonade cookie dunked in lemonade, or America’s favorite Girl Scout Thin Mint dunked in milk, Girl Scouts bring a smile to many households who come to expect this annual treat. Of course, for some consumers who freeze these iconic cookies, the enjoyment is extended! And come to think of it, I’ve decided to freeze some Lemonades this year because the lemonade dunk goes best with summer!

Girl Scouts participated in this year’s Cookie Rally at the Ryan Center, where the women’s basketball team members cheered on this year’s cookie entrepreneurs! These women understand the joy of reaching their goals every time they win a game and they know that our Girl Scouts will experience that same joy when they achieve their personal and troop cookie goals—the funds from which will fund their personal and troop adventures.

We were so pleased to have some other community partners at the Rally who helped prepare our Girl Scouts for this year’s program! Thanks to the Boscov’s Customer Care Team, Citizen’s Bank, and United Way for being part of the largest entrepreneurship program for girls!

Girl Scouts, we’re all behind you

and your success!!


Your CEO - Pam