Smart Source 2015-16 Executive Summary - Page 19

Family, Community, And Student Involvement continued Incorporating student voice helps to ensure that students are engaged in school. As shown in Figure 9.3, very few schools report co-creating programs or policies with students despite the fact that having programs or policies developed in partnership with youth are more likely to have a greater impact (Youth.Gov, 2016). Schools across all levels are more likely to engage students in school culture and climate as compared to other health topic areas, and schools are least likely to engage students in health education despite the potential impact that quality health education can have on all areas of health. FIGURE 9.3 Percentage of schools that engage students in school health components One of the ways schools can help ensure family and community involvement is by providing access to facilities to help promote physical activity and help the community feel connected to the school. In general, schools provide greater access to all outdoor facilities as compared to all indoor facilities. • 17 •