Smart Source 2015-16 Executive Summary - Page 15

Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services continued Other school staff, especially those that engage directly with students (i.e., teachers), should be trained to identify students in need of behavioral health supports in order to build schoolwide capacity and bolster the system of care. While over half of schools train most, if not all, administrators, fewer schools offer similar trainings to teachers and coaches (Figure 7.3). FIGURE 7.3 Percentage of schools that train staff to identify behavioral health needs In addition to providing universal or school-wide approaches to address the social, emotional, and behavioral health needs of all students, schools should provide in-school supports or programs to ensure that students in need of early interventions are able to get the help they need and succeed academically. FIGURE 7.4 Percentage of schools that provide in-school curricular supports or program in the following areas • 13 •