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10 CAREER MENTORS CAREER MENTORS WHY YOUR CAREER MENTOR DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR BOSS The ONE Thing Blog. (Why your Career Mentor Doesn’t Have to be Your Boss). Retrieved from ( mentor-doesnt-have-to-be-your-boss/). Based on the book The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, Bard Press, 2013. SPRING 2 0 1 8 HAVING ALL of your dominoes in a row as soon as you land a new position is ideal, but the real world doesn’t work that way. To continue on your trajectory toward achieving extraordinary results in the workplace, you’ll often have to think outside the box. This even applies to finding mentors that can help you navigate the career path to your dream job. Many of us turn to a manager for mentorship, but that isn’t your only resource at work. Chances are you’re surrounded by lots of professional people every day. Cultivating relationships with a wide variety of professionals who fit your career mentoring criteria will often yield better results than relying on a single mentor. You may be surprised how many mentors – for various parts of your life – work on the same floor or even in the cube next door. Let’s explore your options! WHY BOSSES DON’T ALWAYS MAKE THE BEST MENTORS Your boss or manager is a natural person to turn to for job-mentoring. However, they aren’t always the best option. There are many reasons why bosses aren’t necessarily the mentor of choice. • Not all bosses are good communicators, which is a must for mentorship. • Some bosses don’t have the time or focus for mentoring. • There are bosses that fear having their employees surpass them in the workplace, and that mentality isn’t conducive for mentoring. • Your boss may not have the career you want, especially if your ideal job is in another industry. • You may not have a strong personal relationship with your boss, or on the flip side, they may not want people thinking they are showing you favouritism. • Being a boss and a mentor at the same time can complicate things at work. Even if your boss is a good mentor candidate they may not have all the qualities and expertise needed for you to meet your career goals. IDENTIFYING THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF MENTORS YOU NEED Finding everything you need in one mentor is an amazing feat. The more effective solution could be seeking out numerous mentors that can help you with specific aspects of your career. This requires that you first know what your end goals are and what assistance you need to achieve them. You’ll then want to identify the particular mentor characteristics you’re looking for, which can be general or specific to a certain need.