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Page 2 Smart Money NORTHWEST | March / 2020 March Savings! Anoka Meat & Sausage is a locally owned and operated meat cutting and processing business that sends freshly-wrapped packages and healthy batches of “How can I help?” across the counter. We won’t ask you to take a number, but we will ask you to try some of our famous homemade beef sticks and jerky. Boneless Ribeye Steaks $9.99 Lb. SAVE $5.00 LB. Boneless Prime Rib $9.99 Lb. SAVE $4.00 LB. Potatoes SAVE $0.50 LB. Grass Fed Frozen Ground Beef $5.99 Lb. Our Own Classic Polish Sausage $4.99 Lb. $5.99 Lb. SAVE $1.00 LB. SAVE $1.00 LB. $3.99 Lb. Our Own Reuben Bratwurst $5.99 Lb. Our Own Cheesy $5.49 Lb. Corned Beef brisket Double Smoked Bone-In Ham SAVE $1.00 LB. Leg of Lamb Our Own Hickory Smoked Bacon $5.99 Lb. SAVE $1.00 LB. $8.99 Lb. SAVE $1.00 LB. Wild Caught Canadian Walleye $11.99 Lb. SAVE $2.00 LB. SAVE $1.00 LB. H H H H MILITARY APPRECIATION Receive a 5% Military Discount off your total purchase with military ID. Grass Fed Our Own Beef Patties Smoked Salmon $6.99 Lb. $10.99 Lb. SAVE $3.00 LB. Cheese Curds (All Varieties) $3.99 SAV $1.00 E Per P ackag e One Pound Package 478 West Main St. ∙ Anoka 763.421.5580 Prices good through 3/31/20 - Limited Quantities Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm Saturday 8am-4:30pm Sunday Closed