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SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… Motion if needed: I recommend that Johnson Lawn and Landscape be approved to install a new sprinkler system around our buildings and the proposed bid by the company be accepted as presented. Gym Floor During the last seven days several gym floor specialists, plumbers, and Alicap, our insurance carrier, have examined our gym floor to help determine the best path in which to proceed in repairing and/or replacing our gym floor. As of today, all parties believe that the pipe to the locker rooms (from the mechanical room underneath the gym) may be the cause of a water leak. Because the leak may be at a joint, the pipe could have been leaking for some time. Up to 20% moisture content was found in the wood floor at the center of the gym floor where there may be a joint leak. They believe the path of the pipe may run from the mechanical room under the along the northeast corner of the the middle of the gym floor... to the center of the mechanical closet near the locker rooms. To have that much moisture present in the wood indicates a lot of water below the concrete. The insurance company will pay for any tests that are needed to accurately reflect from where the water is coming. Anderson Brothers Plumbing will be doing a locate test and pressure test measurement on the pipe next week as soon as their equipment arrives from Lincoln. If the pipe below the gym is leaking, the pressure test will help determine leaks in the pipe. The locate test, showing where the pipe is located under the floor, will indicate the exact location of the water pipe under the gym. Alicap will be ordering a soil drill test on the north side of the building to determine moisture content along the north wall of the gym. They will also do moisture tests on the concrete inside the gym. Alicap will assist the district with getting bids and cost estimates from floor specialists, the scope of the work that will need to be completed, timelines for the work to be done and the amount that will be covered by insurance. They believe they can recommend a vendor that can get the floor replaced before school begins. They hope to have information to the board by April 18, the night of the board meeting. We hope to have estimates and bids at the meeting on the 18th we will have a discussion about the appropriate plan for repairing any pipes and replacing the gym floor. Motion:As discussed at the meeting School District Residences to Rent to Educators I was asked to include on the agenda a discussion in regard to the school district buying a home to rent out to school educators. Brad Kjar’s home may be on the market soon, and it includes a large lot on which a duplex could be built. If the school district were to purchase the home, it may have an additional room on the acreage for a duplex. All of these homes could serve as rental opportunities for educators who wish to live in the district. Superintendent’s Report, Principal’s Reports, AD Report, and Counselor’s Corner brought to you by: Litchfield Public School’s Administrative Staff Superintendent Dr. Scott Maline 7-12 Principal/AD Mr. Brad Kjar PK-6 Principal/PK-12 Counselor Mrs. Cherie Kluender 9