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SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… Three Administrators commented about Michelle’s work as a teacher and coach, “If you are looking for someone to take pride in their work, Mrs. Buchanan is a person you should strongly consider. She enjoys kids and teaching kids. I have found her to be intelligent, well-organized, and an insightful person. Her desire to teach and build relationships with kids will make her a strong teacher in your school district.” “She will be missed at Perkins County Schools. She is so good at reaching all students and uses a variety of technology in her classroom. Mrs. Buchanan is very capable using our Promethean boards along with the I-pad and Doceri. Mrs. Buchanan has been as asset to the district outside the classroom as well. She has been a Junior High coach, prom sponsor, class sponsor and volunteers to assist with our track meetings and other school events.” “Mrs. Buchanan has a strong work ethic, is a team player, and is dedicated to doing what is best for kids. I do not want to see Ms. Buchanan leave our school system. Michelle would make a great addition to any school district. I fully recommend and encourage you to hire Ms. Buchanan as a teacher in your school district. Motion: I recommend that Michele Buchanan be hired as the new Jr. Hi and Math and reading instructor for the 2016-17 school year. Cannon Blauvelt-New Activities Director for 2016-17 We are pleased to announce that Cannon Blauvelt has been assigned as Litchfield’s new Activities and Athletic Director for the 2016-17 school year. He will assist Jake Stokley, who will represent Ansley activities and athletics. Cannon has begun working on his administrative degree and this assignment is his first administrative responsibility in the district. Congratulations Cannon on this important assignment! Because this is an extra duty assignment assigned by the administration, no formal motion is needed as formal approval. Special Education Position We are in the process of advertising for our special education opening. We will continue to advertise until the position is filled. We currently have four interested applicants. School and Community Sign (6-7) Tim Marchese, from Tri City Sign Company, will be at the meeting to address the board of education on a proposal to put up a two sided electronic sign downtown. He would also like to give the Litchfield school district a Litchfield High School sign to put on the south side of the high school building. Copies of both are attached to this report. Tim’s company has put up several signs in the area and he will be available to answer questions the board may have regarding signs for school districts and communities. Motion if needed: As discussed at the meeting and presented by Tri City Signs Transfer of Property Susan Bice is working on the legal descriptions, a survey, and appropriate paperwork in the gift transfer of property north of the playground from Howard Transportation. Those documents will need to be in place before any lot work may begin. North Parking Lot Construction (8-10) Two bids have been received by the district in regard to removing trees and leveling the lot north of the playground and south of the tennis courts. Those are included in this report. Motion if needed: I recommend that John Kohl’s bid be accepted as presented to remove trees and to do the grading work for the parking lot projects. Sprinkler System (11-14) Bids for adding water to our yards in front of the buildings are included. The district is encouraged to act on these bids on Monday night if the project is to be completed by the time school begins. SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED PAGE 9… 8