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SCHOOL BOARD MINUTES CONTINUED… Todd Wardyn made a motion to recommend that Johnson Lawn and Landscape be approved to install a new sprinkler system around our building and the proposed bid by the company be accepted as presented. Second by Marie Sweley. Motion carried 6-0. The appropriate plan for the gym floor was tabled as are waiting for bids from repairmen and insurance specs to come in, the superintendent will call a special meeting or will discuss this in May. The idea of the school district purchasing houses for educators was discussed but no action was taken on the item. Jim Holm made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:02 p.m. Second by Steve Heapy. Motion carried 6-0. The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Education will be at 7:30 p.m. on May 16, 2016. The agenda is a continuous agenda and is available for examination during regular hours at the office of the Superintendent. Public notice of the meeting will be given in the Small Town Times Newsletter and in the Sherman County Times. Marie Sweley Board Secretary GENERAL FUND CLAIMS MARCH, 2016 ANSLEY-LITCHFIELD CO-OP 5000.00; ANSLEY LUMBER 13.95; APPLE, INC 479.00; ASK SUPPLY 87.04; ALMQUIST MALTZHAN 100.00; ANSLEY SCHOOLS 2785.65; AXMANN HEATING 75.00; CHARTER 578.28; CIT 1437.24; COLE ELECTRIC 900.00; COMPUTER HARDWARE 174.00; CULLIGAN 70.00; CUSTER POWER 2676.04; EAKES 68.85; BARBARA ELLIS 30.60; ESSENTIAL SCREENS 33.00; ESU10 5118.17; FIRST CARE MEDICAL 175.00; HD SUPPLY 134.90; HOWARD TRANSPORTATION 16.50; NIKIA HUNT 319.78; ISLAND SUPPLY 103.25; J&J SANITATION 195.46; JERRY’S REPAIR 200.00; JESSE JOEDEMAN 92.00; JOSTENS 99.65; JIM’S TRENCHING 102.23; KEARNEY CLINIC 169.00; BRAD KJAR 37.80; LOUP CITY PUBLIC SCHOOL 234.71; MATHESON 297.65; MCGRAW HILL 115.53; MIDWEST RESTAURANT 10369.30; MENARDS 281.07; NASB 90.00; NCTC 89.80; NE COUNCIL ECONOMICS 10.00; NE COUNCIL ADMIN 305.00; NEBRASKA RURAL COMM. 190.00; OFFICE NET 350.69; OMAHA WORLD HERALD 1220.00; PETTY CASH 2179.98; POPULAR MECHANICS 8.00; POPULAR SCIENCE 8.00; PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP 131.71; QUILL CORPORATION 230.36; RICHMAN INC 475.00; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 2.87; SPARQDATA 1000.00; SOURCE GAS 1799.02; CORNHUSKER MARRIOTT 119.00; THOMPSON CO 247.66; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 225.21; WALMART 58.06; JOSH WILSON 375.70; AS CENTRAL SERVICES 227.47; VEX ROBOTICS 5083.11; FEBRUARY PAYROLL 155700.62. CHILD FIND Rule 92 NAC 51-006.02A states that: “All children with disabilities, including with disabilities attending nonpublic schools, regardless of the severity of their disabilities, and who are in need of special education and related services, are identified, located, and evaluated and a practical method is developed and implemented to determine which children with disabilities are currently receiving needed special education and related services. For infants and toddlers, districts shall demonstrate targeted efforts to meet the needs of children from historically underserved populations, particularly minority, low-income, inner-city, and rural populations.” The disability may be physical, visual, auditory, developmental, or mental. We are asking for help from the community. If you have or know of a child in the community who has a disability, please call the school and let us know. 6