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Superintendent’s Report February 2016 Litchfield Public Schools New Ag Instructor (Page 3) We are pleased to announce that Brian Johnson has been offered and accepted the Ag. /Industrial Education position. Brian is a 1998 Graduate of the University of Nebraska with a degree in the Science of Agriculture. He has presently been working for Trotter Fertilizer and is applying to the University’s Agriculture teacher transition program. He will complete his teaching degree next year while on staff at Litchfield Public Schools. He will be granted a provisional Ag teaching certificate which will qualify Brian to teach and sponsor our FFA program this next year. Brian comes highly recommended by all of his employers and he has spent time working with Broken Bow Ag program while volunteering in Broken Bow Public Schools. He believes he has found the right career and is excited to be able to teach and help students full time in a new and exciting career change. We are lucky to find an instructor with Brian’s AG training, background, and skill set. We hope to involve Brian with the Greenhouse, working with our students in the summer with that program. Brian will be at the meeting on Monday night to meet the board of education. Please read Brian’s letter of application which is in this report. Motion: Providing Brian Johnson is approved for a provisional teaching certificate through the transitional teaching program, I recommend Brian Johnson to be hired as the New AG instructor for Litchfield Public Schools for 2016-17. Calendar Approval (4) The 2016-17 Calendar is attached to this report and is being recommended for approval. The first day for teachers will be one week later, August 15, with students beginning on August 17. Motion: I recommend approval of the 2016-17 Calendar as presented. Computer Lease Approval (5) with other materials handed out at the meeting On Monday night the board will be asked to approve a new computer lease agreement. The computer choice and specifications will be presented at the meeting. The final contracts and bids are being finalized this week and that information will not be available until Monday. The summary from last month’s information is included in the packet. Motion: I recommend approval of the new computer lease as presented at the meeting. Town and Country Bank Authorization (6a, 6b) The Town and County Bank needs a new authorization statement for the new officers and the new officers will need to sign the signature cards at the bank. Motion: Read resolution as stated New Accounting System Recommendation (7-19) The administrative team is recommending a new accounting system for the district. The present system that the district uses has been bought-out by Harris and the support system for that company has broken down. We have had to have our auditors assist us for the past two years in generating accurate accounting reports. The new recommended company is Software Limited. They are now the carrier for 40% of Nebraska school districts and in the last two years have added 40+ school districts. Tasha has talked with the representatives of Software Unlimited and is in support of this recommendation. Upon making this decision, timing for transition is very important. Upon approval, our district will begin the transition process in May with records and accounts, Tasha will attend training on the new system with our current records and accounts in a three day training session in June. On July 1, the district will make the switch to the new system. This summer timeline is recommended by everyone who has made the transition. Please see the attachments and costs provided by the company. Motion if needed: I recommend the district move to Software Unlimited as the carrier for our Accounting system. SUPERINTENDENTS REPORT CONTINUED ON PAGE8… 7