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SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… Susan has excellent rapport with students and staff and has a special mission to help students succeed in their education plan. Susan commented during her interview, “I deeply care about students and understand the needs of our students and their families in our community. I hope through this position I will be able to assist every student and help them to be successful with their education and future lives. Counseling students is my dream position for which I have been preparing to work for the past three years.” All three administrators of our district believe that Susan Poland has the knowledge and personal skills to be an outstanding counselor in our school district. Susan is in a Master of Education Counseling Program at UNK and will have her provisional certificate and endorsement in May. The board of education will be asked to formally approve Susan at the March meeting. I recommend that Susan Poland be hired as the new 7-12 counselor for the 2016-17 school year. New Computer Lease (Pages 4-10) The decision on the computers and related lease documents have been finalized will be available included for district approval. This new contract will enable the district to be a one-computer to one student district in grades K-12 and every student will have an assigned computer or tablet for which to use during the day. This recommendation will assist the district in its efforts to become a blended learning school district. Litchfield Public Schools is part of the ESU Learning Consortium and is one of the pilot schools that are participating in the initial blending learning grant project at ESU 10. Payment of this lease will come from Rural Education Grant Funds, Title 1 Funds, and district budgeted funds. Motion: I recommend approval of the proposal for leasing new computers for the district as presented in the related documents. Buildings, Grounds and Transportation (11-14) School Van Attached is information in regard to a school van that Joe’s Motors has located. It meets the specifications that are similar to our previous Vans. It is like new and in great condition. The cost would be $26,900. Joe told me that he would hold the vehicle until after the board meeting, but has other schools interested in it. I have included the cost of a similar vehicle in Nebraska located in Holdrege for a price of $29,995 and also found a new 2016 vehicle in Omaha for $35,850. This vehicle would help the district meet the transportation needs of the district, our current oldest Van is a 2007. We currently run five vans, 2007, 2010A, 2010B, 2011, 2014. Payment for the Van will come from the depreciation account in set aside funding for this purpose. Motion: I recommend the district purchase the 2015 Ford Transit Wagon 350 from Joe’s motors. Land North of the Playground (15-17) I have asked Susan Bice to assist the district in purchasing the land north of the playground. The Howard family has agreed to donate 2 acres and extra dirt for leveling the lot. Any additional costs for this project will be taken from district budgeted funding. Motion: I recommend that the superintendent work with Susan Bice and the Howard Family in obtaining the lot as described above. Tennis Court Construction, Tree Removal, Lot Development, and Playground Addition (18-20) Please see the drawings attached in the document to get an idea of the new areas. We have a bid to remove the north and south ends of the tennis court fence, install and level a bus drive to connect the parking lot near the street, remove the cedar trees located on the west side of the new lot, and add dirt to level the new parking area west of the playground. Also included in this bid is a 50 foot addition and exte