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Litchfield Chapter of FBLA News & Updates Finally, we visited Mrs. Wanda Kjar-Hunt, RN, director of Telehealth Services. She explained how the hospital is using teleconferencing to communicate with more rural clinics and provide health services to people who cannot make it in. The telehealth communications equipment is very secure and has been used to broadcast births to spouses away in the military or in other parts of the hospital, to provide counseling services, and to give checkups to those effected by sexual abuse. Overall, our tour of the hospital was a very informative peek into the healthcare profession and the day-to-day routines of the many branches of a hospital that must work in sync for it to operate functionally. After delivering books to the hospital and taking our tour, we delivered our collected toys and games to the Crossroads Center. These donations will likely be placed into the thrift store portion of the Center, which funds the daily needs of the shelter. By the time it was time to head home, we all knew more about the importance of recycling, and even more importantly, giving to others. History of the Hospital Wall FBLA donating books at Good Samaritan Hospital Mrs. Kjar-Hunt, RN explains Telehealth FBLA donating toys & games to Crossroads 17