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Terrorist Attacks Not Far from Home By: Allison Varah Terrorist attacks are a world away for many, but our foreign exchange student Tim Schlagheck didn’t feel that way when he first heard about the attack in Brussels. One of his first thoughts was for his Dad’s safety, as he commutes from his home to Brussels. When Tim spoke with his dad through text, his dad said he had heard the bombs and wasn’t sure what they were, but shortly after read about them and knew that was what he had heard. “It can happen anywhere,” Tim expressed after this happened so close to his home. No one he knows was hurt, but it definitely leaves one with a feeling of unease. When asked if he would feel safe taking transportation in the area again he said, “You always have that thought of what could happen? I’m not saying I won’t fly again, or subway, but it’s definitely not the same as before. Nothing is the same as before.” We are glad to hear Tim’s family is safe and hope for their continued safety in the future. SENIOR SPOTLIGHT! By: Rachel Snow Marshall Duane Kohls is a senior at Litchfield Public School this year. He was born on August 15, 1996 and his hometown is Litchfield. The classes he is taking this year are Spanish II, Government, Careers/Personal Finance, English 12, Pre-calculus, Tech/Game Design, Woods II, and Chemistry. His favorite class is Shop, and his favorite teacher is Mr. Kirby. The extracurricular activities he participates in are football and basketball, with football being his favorite sport. His favorite school memories are of all the football and basketball games he got to play in with his team and seeing how far they have come since their freshman year. After high school, he plans on joining the workforce. Marshall’s favorite books are from the Left Behind series. His favorite movie and TV show are The Book of Eli and The Walking Dead. The kind of music he enjoys listening to is alternative/modern rock, with his favorite music artist being Skillet. In his spare time, Marshall likes to play video games. His favorite place to shop is Stema. As for his random favorites, they include: red, American-style Chinese food, Sprite, and dogs. What is unique about Marshall is that he has been to Brazil, and stayed in the Amazon Rainforest for two weeks. Marshall has two favorite quotes: “Why so serious?” ~The Joker “We don’t have a ton to get done today, so let’s do that. Then we can all get on with our lives.” ~Cam Clark Gable Sonnenfeld, 2016. 2