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SUPERINTENDENT’S REPORT CONTINUED… ACLU Request for Information (20-27) Enclosed is a letter from the ACLU in regard to Health and Sex Education practices and Policies The district received a letter from ALCU requesting information in regard to the policies and procedures related to health and sex education in our district. Please see a response from the law firm we use to all their clients. We will not respond at this time and have some time to decide the information that will need to be sent. Todd Becker Foundation Presentation (28-33) Several board members have asked if our students could attend a Todd Becker presentation in Loup City this fall and to date, we haven’t scheduled that event. We would like the board to look at the communication that is included in this report and we will discuss the presentation at the board meeting. Construction Update Gym Floor (34-39) The main gym floor is about completed and now the flooring work is extending to cement this week. The contractors will be scheduling sanding, staining, and finish work as soon as possible and we are keeping our fingers crossed this will be completed by July 30. Approval of Floor Design The board will review the final floor design so the paint may be ordered and the work scheduled. The picture of the floor is accurate except that the SPARTANS on the floor will be white with black exterior letters, like the Orchard design. Cost estimates are included and a credit for removing bleachers is also included. Motion: I recommend we approve the design and finish work and related costs for the gym floor as presented. Plumbing The plumbing contractor is finishing his work and hook up of the water to the locker room area this week. Sprinkler Installation Johnson Lawn and landscape will finish hooking up the sprinkler system as soon as we have water on the west end of the gym where they will tap into the new line. Parking lots John Kohls is waiting on the digger’s hot line to make sure he does not move dirt and disturb any drainage or water lines located north of the playground. Playground Bill Howard assisted the district last week and moved dirt to several areas including our new playground area. He leveled the new area and prepared it for the cement pad. Thank you, Bill, for your great work. The plan is to form the playground cement in two 12x 24 foot sections and try and pour the cement ourselves to help the district save costs. We will try and complete the project in two pours. Mark will be preparing the framing for each pour. We appreciate board member expertise and assistance in completing this project. We will discuss this project at the board meeting. Bleachers Set-up and Installation A special thank you is extended to Bill Howard again for hauling all of the bleachers from Broken Bow to our football field. Bill, you have been instrumental in helping to get our projects completed this summer. The board will discuss where they would like to place the new bleachers at the field. We will try and move them into place and secure the seating in the next three weeks Resignation Letter and Transition of New Superintendent for the 2017-18 school year (40) Included in this month’s packet is my formal resignation letter for the end of the 2016-17 school year. I want to express my gratitude to the board of education for your support and allowing me to serve as your superintendent for the past seven years. I will assist you, in every way possible, to help the new superintendent make a smooth transition into this position. We will be talking about the process in the August meeting. 22