Small Town Times - Page 17

LITCHFIELD PUBLIC SCHOOLS BOARD OF EDUCATION SPECIAL MEETING JULY 20, 2016 President Mitch Feldman called the special meeting to order at 5:17 PM Members Present: Mitch Feldman, Bill Howard, Steve Heapy, Jim Holm. Absent: Marie Sweley and Todd Wardyn Visitors: Susan Poland Mitch Feldman announced and informed the public that a current copy of the Open Meetings Law is posted and indicated the instructions for those who wish to speak during the public forum. Minutes of the last meeting were read. Bill Howard made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting. Steve Heapy seconded. Motion carried 4-0 The treasurer reported a balance of $1,331,546 in the district treasury. Payroll and claims in the amount of $187,275.21 were presented for payment. Steve Heapy made a motion to pay the clams. Second by Bill Howard. Motion carried 4-0. No principal reports were given In the superintendent’s report Dr. Maline discussed the agenda with approval of the following motions: Approve the contract for sharing of the Spanish teacher with Ansley. Motion: Steve Heapy Second: Bill Howard Motion approved 4-0. Dr. Maline shared the executive summary letter from ESU 10. Policy updates from the Nebraska School Board association were passed. They included policies 201.05, 204.01, 402.11, 402.16, 402.17, 502.02, 503.09, 504.14, 508.12, 603.01, 606.08, 610.01, 611.01, 704.04E-1, 904.02. Motion to approve: Jim Holm second Steve Heapy A letter from the ACLU was shared with the board of education in regard to health and sex education practices in the district. Legal advice will be followed in dealing with any requests from the ACLU. The district will look into sending students to the Todd Becker Foundation presentation about drunk driving and making good choices. Dr. Maline gave a summary of the construction update. The sprinkler system has been installed, the plumbing project to relocate the line to the shower rooms has been completed with appropriate shut off valves to the various areas of the Blue Building. The new bleachers will be located on both the home and visitor sides with 72 feet on each side. The parking lot project has begun and will hopefully be completed by the time school begins. The custodial staff will complete the forms for laying cement inside the playground and the board members will assist in the pour as soon as the forms are ready. The Gym floor will be fully installed by the end of the week and next week the finisher will begin the sanding and the painting process. The board passed a motion to approve the gym floor design. Motion to approve: Bill Howard Second: Mitch Feldman, Jim Holm-yes, Steve Heapy-No. Approved 3-1 Dr. Maline turned in his letter of resignation, effective at the end of June, 2017. This notification was made so the board of education may appropriately plan and hire a new superintendent in a timely manner and complete a smooth transition of a new superintendent for the school district. Motion to adjourn at 6:15 by Jim Holm. Seconded by Steve Heapy. Motion passed 4-0. 17