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New Venture Adventure By: Mrs. Nikia Hunt THANK YOU TROTTER’S GREENHOUSE! By: Allison Varah 9 I'm thankful for Trotter’s Garden Shoppe and Learning Center. They are great community members, school supporters and Art Advocates as well. This fall the greenhouse coordinated a pumpkin contest with the art dept, me. Early this month the students enjoyed the experience of walking around the pumpkin patch and finding their very own special pumpkin. This week the students will be painting that pumpkin in art class! They will be on display in the blue building until students take them home Thursday after school. Results (pictures) of the contest will be in the December newsletter. Thanks for being so awesome Trotters Garden Shoppe and Learning Center! Page Litchfield Public School students had the opportunity to attend “New Venture Adventure” day in Kearney at UNK on October 15, 2015. This day was sponsored by the UNK Enactus and included some wonderful educational activities as students worked together in groups to create a mock business, complete with marketing and financial projections. The day started with a check-in at the NE Student Union, where students received a colored t-shirt, which identified them as members of a specific group number. Groups consisted of students from several different schools working together, granting them a great networking opportunity. To help facilitate introductions, each group was assigned a UNK student to guide them through the process. Groups went through some “ice-breaker” activities, then began a brainstorming and planning session. After this time, students presented their business ideas and projected funding necessary to real bankers and went through the realty application process to secure a location for their mock business. Once they had secured a loan for the site of their business (either through traditional or high-risk funding), students created a mission statement, made international trade decisions, created an ethics case and business cards, and created a financial statement. These items, in combination with an advertising poster and jingle, were presented to a panel judges. Top ideas and presentations were awarded at the closing ceremonies. Students attending included: Lori Bay, Tessa LeFever, RaNay Casper, and Kyle Betke. Some ideas our student’s groups came up with were: Ardent Athletics (creating custom athletic apparel), NEP (Neatest Ever Pen- an advanced pen), Phone Defense (custom phone cases), and Road Runner (errand running services). Lori Bay’s group won Manufacturing League Winner. Kyle Betke’s group won Service League Winner, and Grand Champion (overall winner) at the event.