Small Town Times - Page 15

GENERAL FUND CLAIMS SEPTEMBER, 2015 ANSLEY-LITCHFIELD CO-OP 4260.89; AC TECHNOLOGIES 340.00; ALMQUIST MALTZAHN 159.50; ANSLEY LUMBER 50.84; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2202.65; AS CENTRAL SERVICES 227.47; BUILDERS WAREHOUSE 289.93; CENTRAL FIRE & SAFETY 802.40; CHARTER BUSINESS 578.28; CIT 1437.24; CONSTRUCTIVE PLAYTHINGS 224.22; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 2696.48; ED BROADFOOT & SONS 1035.00; BARBARA ELLIS 14.00; ESU 10 7450.30; FARMERS CO-OP 936.39; FOLLETT SCHOOL 398.43; GOV CONNECTION 1437.80; HD SUPPLY 63.97; HOWARD TRANSPORTATION 154.50; HIRE RIGHT 28.00; IXL LEARNING 349.00; J&J SANITATION 195.46; JERRY’S REPAIR 73.25; MATHESON-LINWELD 155.31; MCGRAW-HILL 535.23; MID-WEST TECH INC 230.05; SCOTT MALINE 39.40; MENARDS 40.41; NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 19.95; NCSA 905.00; NEBRASKA LIFE MAGAZINE 24.00; OFFICE NET 447.52; P&D MARKET 165.13; PETTY CASH 2366.14; PLATTE VALLEY COMMUNICATIONS 1690.17; QUILL 1273.19; RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS 115.00; KATHERYN SAUER 74.76; SCHOLASTIC INC 28.05; SCHOOL SPECIALTY 407.75; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 33.49; CAMERON SONNENFELD 213.36; SHIFFLER 42.84; TEACHING STRATEGIES 156.75; THOMPSON CO. 414.30; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 544.55; JOSH WILSON 606.56; YANDA’S 623.98; SEPTEMBER PAYROLL 159828.85 Superintendent’s Report October 2015 Litchfield Public Schools Negotiations Meeting Date Wednesday October 21 4:00 PM On Wednesday, October 21, at 4:00 PM there will be the initial negotiations meeting be in regard to teacher and board discussions and a new teacher contract. The meeting will begin at 4:00 PM. By law, the first meeting needs to take place prior to November 1. The board negotiating team is asked to meet in my office at 3:45 PM for preliminary discussion of materials to be distributed to both negotiating teams. Negotiations Software Included in the packet is information in regard to the NASB negotiation software. Bill Howard will review and lead discussion about the merits of the new NASB negotiation software. Recommendation if Needed: I recommend the purchase of the NASB negotiations software Recommendations for CD’s It is recommended to renew the current general fund CD into a flex option CD. This change will allow the district to access the CD’s up to three times during the year. In light of the revenue shortfall due to the state aid cuts this type of CD is a good choice for this year. The process will allow the present genera