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UNK Art Day Stained Glass Trip to Omaha By: Mrs. Allison Varah By: RaNay Casper Litchfield students had a chance to walk the halls as college students along with sitting in class with UNK professors last Wednesday, September 14. Students were able to see what it would be like to take a glass-blowing class with Prof. Ramsey or a printmaking class with a world famous Professor from Russia! Some students tried out the college graphic design computers and made zombies out of famous people’s photos just in time for Halloween. This was a pilot day for UNK, Litchfield was one of the lucky schools to be personally invited along with seven other schools including Grand Island and Kearney. The art program treated us to lunch at the Union and professors took time to look at student portfolios. Students enjoyed stepping into the shoes of college students and all said they could see themselves in that setting as art majors. UNK sent us on our way home with freebies including neat art supplies and ‘stylin’ UNK bags. It is obviously a good recruiting program for UNK but also showed interested students what a major or minor in art might look and feel like anywhere. From my standpoint as the art teacher, no bias here, we have many students who would thrive as art majors, so much talent here at Litchfield! Arriving at Rainbow Artistic Glass Richard Baines gave Metal Art students a tour of the business where they create commissions for churches and individuals alike. There were beautiful examples of the two types of stain glass, foiling and leaded stain glass techniques. Then Richard began taking students through the steps of creating an entire stain glass piece which we completed in one day. First we cut out the glass pieces, used a grinder to get them to the perfect shape then foiled them. Then we cleaned them up, added flux and learned to solder it all together. Tessa LeFever’s favorite part was soldering because she liked putting it all together for the finished product. My favorite part was designing the way the colors would be arranged. Lori Bay said “I liked learning to cut the glass and finding out that I could cut any shape or size I wanted.” We ended the trip with a picture of all of us at the Artistic Glass studio in front of the largest collection of glass in the state of Nebraska. We will be continuing with stained glass projects for the next two quarters, this was a great way to kick start our stain glass experience. Students at UNK Art Day- photos by Allison Varah Page 13 Students at Metal Art Field Trip- photos courtesy of Allison Varah