Small Town Times - Page 9

Superintendent’s Report Continued… Construction Update Bleachers at the Football Field On Wednesday, September 7, about 20 community volunteers assisted Mark Joedeman in putting together the new bleachers for the football field. Mark is finishing the project and the new bleachers will be ready for the first football game on September 30. Gym Floor Anderson Ladd made an inspection report of the gym last week said that they will be adding caulking and repainting the black line when the district schedule allows the work to be done. This is normally done as after the caulking settles. We may wait until Christmas or after the basketball season, depending upon our PE and activity needs. The Gym Bleachers The parking lot and new tennis drive are nearly complete with crushed concrete being spread on top of the drives to finish the parking projects. Custer County Power is scheduled to raise the power lines to a new pole as soon as they can fit the project into the schedule. Appreciation is extended to Steve Heapy and Ronnie Reese for their assistance hauling crushed concrete to the area. Brad Howard is donating a fence for east end of the new parking lot and grass will be planted on the side areas of the project this week. Removal and Cutting of Trees During the parking lot projects, Todd Wardyn, John Kohl, Mitch Feldman and several other volunteers (and Todd's crew) helped remove trees from the ally by the tennis court and clean up the trees north of the tennis court near the street. Appreciation is extended to all who helped on both days and the areas look great! Thank you to our Contractors, Staff, and Community Volunteers! Thank you to everyone on staff and in the community for all of the help, service, donations, and assistance, on all of our district projects. They have been wonderful school and community improvements. Budget Submitted (18-19) The district budget was submitted to the NDE and State Auditor’s office on September 15. The board of education passed a budget that will lower the district levy 5.6 cents to .8266. The total property tax asking was $1,111 less than last year. Appreciation is extended to the board of education for their continued commitment to keep our school district operating under sound fiscal principles. The District Audit The school district audit has been scheduled for October 13 and an in-house audit of the district’s financial records for the 2015-16 school year will occur that day. New Superintendent Hiring Discussion The board will discuss the presentations by the NASB and the NRCSA associations and discuss any other matters related to the process for hiring the new superintendent for 2017-18. Executive session may be needed for this discussion. 9