Small Town Times - Page 5

From Denmark to America By: Emilee Sweley This year Litchfield Public School is very fortunate to host two foreign exchange students. Ida Sofie Lindorff Adrian is from Copenhagen, Denmark. She is staying with Dale and Linda Zoerb. Sofie has wanted to become a foreign exchange student ever since she was a little girl. Her favorite class is Art. The biggest change, in her opinion, after coming to America was the food. In America her favorite thing is the people. Sofie is currently playing volleyball and is loving it! We look forward to getting to known Sofie more, and to making her experience in America a fabulous one. Welcome to America! By: Rachel Snow Litchfield Public Schools is happy to welcome Tim Schlagheck as a foreign exchange student this school year. He is from Cologne, Germany, which has a population of 1.3 million! He is staying with Dale and Linda Zoerb. Page Tim’s pastimes in Germany included playing soccer. When he came to America, his pastimes became spending time with his host family and playing football. He is on the Spartan football team. Let’s all continue to make Tim feel welcome so that his experience in America is the best it can be! 5 According to Tim, the biggest difference between Cologne and Litchfield, besides the population, of course, is that Litchfield has more space and sports. Tim’s decision to become an exchange student was greatly influenced by his desire to learn more about America, including the school system. He also wanted to meet people he would have never met otherwise. When asked how his experience has been in Litchfield so far he stated, “It’s awesome. I really like it and it’s very exciting. The Zoerbs are a very good host family too.” His favorite thing about Litchfield Public School, is that everyone knows everyone. His favorite classes are Physical Education and Art.