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GENERAL FUND CLAIMS AUGUST, 2015 AC TECHNOLOGIES 1388.93; ALICAP 43783.00; ALMQUIST 100.00; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2202.65; BELNICK INC 1058.12; BUILDERS 144.36; BEAVER BEARING 49.48; CHARTER 578.28; CIT 1437.24; CULLIGAN 84.50; CUSTER COUNTY CHIEF 110.00; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 2609.96; BARBARA ELLIS 88.15; ESU 10 458.75; FARMERS CO-OP 1105.41; HAMPTON INN 1272.00; HD SUPPLY 77.65; BILL HOWARD 158.40; HOWARD TRANSPORTATION 425.67; J&J SANITATION 256.66; JERRY’S REPAIR 2810.75; ISAAC JOEDEMAN 159.93; JESSE JOEDEMAN 177.75; KEARNEY CLINIC 32.00; MCGRAW HILL 73.85; BRIAN MOSER 147.84; SCOTT MALINE 313.83; MARC 126.21; NASB 196.00; PEARSON 3050.00; NCSA 365.00; NCTC 196.04; PETTY CASH 1470.20; RAVENNA NEWS 69.00; RITCHIE JENNY 200.00; SCHOLASTIC 63.48; SCHOLASTIC READING 28.05; SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE 12.00; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 81.88; SMITHSONIAN 16.00; STAPLES ADVANTAGE 42.80; JAKE STOKELY 10.70; THOMPSON CO 377.75; TRADE WELL PALLETT 1500.00; TAYLOR HEATING AND COOLING 2646.64; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 414.35; JOSH WILSON 751.06; YANDA’S MUSIC 130.28; ANSLEY LUMBER 43.95; AS CENTRAL 227.47; AUGUST PAYROLL 149310.98 Superintendent’s Report September 2015 Litchfield Public Schools Budget and Tax Hearings Meeting Schedule 7:30 PM Budget Hearing 7:40 PM Tax Asking Hearing 7:45 PM September Board meeting Budget Approval and Tax Asking Approval During this discussion the following motion to approval the budget and tax asking includes the language: Motion : It is recommended that the district approve the 2015-16 budget as published With the total budget requirements of $3,694,761, a tax asking of $2,197,233 and a total levy of .882671. Website Design Class Several of our students have enrolled in a new class this year that is being taught by our new business teacher, Nikia Hunt. They will be at the meeting to show the board our school district website and all of the information that has been added and updated to our school district website located at “” Continued on page 14… Page School Board Workshops On Thursday, August 24, Wednesday August 2, and Thursday August 3rd Bill Howard and I attended the Area School Board Workshop, and the Labor Relations Workshop. Both workshops presented valuable information in regard to school board governance and school board negotiations. Appreciation is extended to Bill for taking the time from his busy schedule to attend these important school board events. He will share information with the board in regard to teacher negotiations about new software that has been developed by the NASB to assist Nebraska School Boards in the negotiation process. Information about the software is located at the NASB website at Users who want to see all of the negotiation functions are asked to highlight the “user manual” at the bottom of the page and work through all of the functions available to school districts. 13 Assignment of New Board Member Included in the packet are two letters, one from Mitch Feldman, and one from Will Johnson. Both are excellent candidates to fill the board vacancy. The board will need to make a motion to ask and assign one of these gentlemen to the board of education to fill the board vacancy, effective immediately. Motion: I recommend that Mitch Feldman be asked and assigned to fill the board of education vacancy that will run until January 2017.