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Congratulations to Derik Linden, 7th grade! This summer, Derik went to seven different arenas to competitively tractor pull. Derik got first place at all pulls, qualifying him to pull at the Nebraska State Fair. Kids ages 4-12 can pull in boys and girls events. They start out with a lower amount of weight, then continue to add more in subsequent pulls. On August 29, 2015 at the State Fair, in the Heartland Center Building, 24 boys pulled (including Derik), but only one could win the event. After three full pulls, Derik won first place in the 12 year old boys division. He out-pulled a boy that had just won at Internationals! Although 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place pullers qualify to continue to Nationals in Mitchell, South Dakota, Derik’s September birthday disqualified him from continuing in the competition due to turning 13. He ended his season at 8-0 for pulls, all in first place. The most weight he pulled was a whopping 438lbs! Although he can no longer compete in the 412 year age bracket, Derik says, “It was fun my last year pulling in kid’s tractor pull,” and notes that he does plan to continue competing in older age brackets. Mitch Feldman Appointed to School Board By: Mrs. Nikia Hunt On Monday night, September 14, 2015 the Litchfield School Board met at their usual monthly meeting. What was unique about this meeting, however, was the decision from the board to fill their vacant seat with a new member. Mr. Mitch Feldman wrote to Dr. Scott Maline via email on August 12, 2015, expressing his interest in the vacant position. He expressed his interest, more specifically, in “providing a quality education for our youth and also the allocation of school funds in a fiscally responsible manner.” He believes, according to his correspondence, that the school board, administration, and members of the community should work together in order to “create an incredibly positive atmosphere for education.” Mr. Feldman graduated from LPS in 2000, then went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology, with a minor in physics. He currently manages a biochemical production facility in the Ravenna area with over 500 employees. Mr. Feldman states, “LPS has a proud history of preparing youth for their future endeavors.” We agree, Mr. Feldman, and we thank you for your contribution to continuing that legacy. Congratulations, Mr. Feldman! 11 By Mrs. Nikia Hunt Page Tractor Pulling Champion