Small Town Times september - Page 16

Principal Report Matt Drew 8-20-18 1. Staff Meetings a. MTSS b. Safety/Crisis i. Will be practicing lockdown this week c. CIP i. Focus on Literacy 2. Bussing 3. Preschool Begins tomorrow 4. Kickoff Supper 5. Calendars Finished 6. Elementary going to State Fair August 30th 7. Increased Participation in Fall Sports Litchfield Weight Room will be Open to the Public Litchfield Public Schools has been investing in our weight room facility. The current facil- ity has new top of the line half rack systems with new adjustable benches that allow you to bench, incline bench, squat, and hang clean. We have brand new resistance bands and medicine balls that allow for resistance training. The resistance bands and medicine balls are great to train with beginners. The weight room also has plyo boxes and vertimax to improve your explosiveness. We will be opening the weight room up to the public with the use of key fobs that allow for the public to enter and exit on their own. The times the key fob/card access will not be during school hours. We are trying to gauge the interest of the public on how many fobs or key cards for entry we will need. The cost of the fob and key card is $20 for a yearly member- ship; if you have interest in getting a fob and key card you can call the school or message us on Face- book. We would like to continue to add to our weight room and your support is welcome.